Van der Beek told him “not suitable for Manchester United” because Van der Vaart thinks Dortmund is a “better step”


The Dutch international is struggling at Old Trafford and a compatriot thinks this is a wrong career choice

Van der Beek was told “not suitable for Manchester United” and compatriot Rafael Van der Vaart claimed that Dortmund was a “better step” for the Dutch midfielder.

Red Devils In the summer of 2020, he snapped up a Dutch international from Ajax. Asked how his position at Old Trafford has become a bigger picture.

Van der Baker is Could not have the expected impact on his debut in England, Only four Premier League games have started, and as another window is ready to open, further transfers are now being discussed.

What did you say?

Van der Vaart has spent his career with Tottenham Hotspur and he thinks another change may be needed ESPN A struggling 24-year-old player: “He fits the Ajax system perfectly, but he is not suitable for Manchester United.

“If no one leaves Manchester United [this summer], He will be lucky enough to enter the starting lineup.

“He is too good to sit on the bench for two seasons. He needs playing time soon. He is still young, but time flies.

“A club like Dortmund is a better step for him. Manchester United may be too much for him.”

Bigger picture

Van der Beek joined Manchester United’s contract until 2025, so the Red Devils have no pressure to sell.

However, they are associated with more creative members of the midfield department.

Jack Grealish and Jadon Sancho are still Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s long-term goals, and reports of interest in Atletico Madrid star Saul Niguez refused to leave.

This indicates Van der Beck’s life will not get easier, He may need to forcibly quit to get his shaky career back on track.

He is a member of the Dutch team for the European Championship this summer, which means that the game time can be seen in the conspicuous shop window.

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