Unmoved Neville made five of the biggest criticisms of Joel Glazer’s Manchester United fans’ appearance on the forum

The former Red Devils guard believes that more can be done to improve American family ownership of the club

Gary Neville believes that Manchester United Co-Chairman Joel Glazer made a series of promises to supporters at the fan forum on Friday, but did not do enough.

The Glazer family has pledged to invest in the club both on and off the stadium, and revealed plans to explore the establishment of a fan share plan, which will provide Manchester United fans with equal voting rights on the board.

However, former Red Devils guard Neville was not impressed by Glazer’s comments and criticized their plan in detail.

What did Neville say?

Responding to the proposal of the Glazer family Twitter, Neville listed five key points. The former England international said that the owners “should promise to repay their debts within the next five years” and “there should be no dividends within five years”.

He also stated that they should announce a plan for “minimum investment in the team every year within five years” and claimed that they “missed an opportunity” to show the new vision of Old Trafford and the club training ground.

Some Manchester United supporters accused the Glazers of being heavily indebted to the club while failing to fully invest in players and infrastructure. Compared with the more modern stadiums in the country, Old Trafford began to expose its age.

Neville also stated that “more details” about the proposed fan sharing plan are needed.

Neville demands punishment for ESL rebels

Neville also expressed his disappointment with what he called football “smuggled into muddy governance” because the Premier League continues to shelve penalties for joining the six member clubs that have left the Premier League, including Manchester United.

Answering questions from fans on Twitter, asking whether the behavior of the group of six has been “forgotten”, Neville, who publicly called for the establishment of an independent English football regulator, replied: “No, the Premier League needs to solve this problem as soon as possible.

“[They are] Drag it out [it] This proves the governance of the’being stuck in a quagmire’ in football. “

Bigger picture

The Glazer family hopes that the plan they announced on the fan forum will to some extent calm the anger of supporters, many of whom have been strongly opposed to their ownership for years, and regard the ESL proposal as the last straw.

However, Neville was one of a group of former players who opposed the separation plan, and he quickly questioned how much substance was behind their proposal.

But given that this is the first direct meeting with fans in the American family-owned club in 16 years, it does show that they are willing to allay some belated concerns.

Only time will tell whether they will deliver on their promises.

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