Tuchel reveals why Chelsea players celebrate with his coach after winning the Champions League


The Blues boss saw his shoes play an important role in the antics of the locker room, accompanied by an unforgettable European victory

Thomas Tuchel revealed why his trainer was In the 2021 Champions League final, Chelsea beat Manchester City 1-0.

Behind the unforgettable victory in Europe, the Blues returned to the locker room, reveling in their success away from prying eyes.

When Tuchel attended a party with a champagne bottle in his hand, his shoes became the focus of attention, and things took a strange turn.

what happened?

Olivier Giroud, Antonio Rudiger and Kurt Zouma quickly contacted Tuchel’s coach when their managers arrived for the post-match celebration.

The German’s shoes were soaked in champagne because it suddenly became the center of a party and should have focused on a famous European silverware.

What did you say?

Explain the surprising scene to Chelsea Official website Former Paris Saint-Germain coach Tuchel said: “I have these precise trainers in Paris and I promised that when we enter the Champions League final, we will wear these shoes.

“They are a gift from the chairman of PSG, and I promise my staff that I will wear them in the finals.

“I didn’t wear it that day, we lost [to Bayern Munich]. I make sure I wear them this year and they work! “

Bigger picture

Tuchel was prevented from wearing his lucky sneakers in an exhibition in 2020 because he Sprained ankle and fractured metatarsal during preparation for the game , Forcing him to wear protective boots.

However, in the past season, he became the first person to reach consecutive Champions League finals with different clubs, making history.

He also won the ultimate prize, Kay Haverts’ single strike proved to be enough for Chelsea When they beat their opponents in the Premier League in Porto.

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