“They have a very clear opinion”-Brazil coach Tite said that some players oppose the Copa America at home


Due to dissatisfaction with the relocation of the game, Spanish team captain Casemiro did not appear at the press conference on Thursday

The members of the Brazilian national team are deeply dissatisfied with the Copa America’s transfer to Brazil at the last few weeks before the start of the game.

Tite revealed that his player and the president of the federation Rogerio Caboclo are negotiating a refusal to transfer. Last week, the Brazilian authorities were deemed unsuitable for hosting the Copa America in the former hosts Colombia and Argentina. After agreeing to the transfer.Colombia is Dealing with political turmoil And Argentina has Affected by the surge in Covid cases.

According to Casemiro’s boss, he did not attend the press conference scheduled for Thursday due to his dissatisfaction with the situation. Brazil will face Ecuador in Friday’s World Cup qualifiers, and this matter is still pending.

What did you say?

“We have asked the athletes to only focus on the game against Ecuador,” Tite said. “Then they (the players) asked to speak directly with the president (Caboclo).

“It was a very direct conversation. Then the player’s position became very clear. We have a position, but we will not disclose it now.

“Our priority now is to play well and beat Ecuador.

“We know that the situation will become clear after this international game day. They (the players) have opinions and they have told the president that they will tell people in due course.”

“That’s why our captain Casemiro did not come to participate in this interview.”

What’s next for Brazil?

On the court, Brazil will clashed with Ecuador in the World Cup qualifiers, but off the court, it is not clear what will happen next.

Had Protest against the government Regarding the decision to bring the America’s Cup to the country after their own Covid infection and economic uncertainty. However, the Brazilian players themselves have not yet stated their reasons for their opposition to hosting the game.

The game was originally scheduled to start on June 13.

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