The Kenyan team achieved a century’s goal in Zesco United


The 32-year-old star hit the ball three times as Tim Yazko scored a huge victory over the weekend, one step closer to another league title

On Sunday, Kenyan international Jesse Weray scored 100 goals for Zesco United in a Premier League match with Kitwe United, and he announced that his search was over.

Zike’s team The historical scorer’s hat-trick helped him achieve the milestone because Ndola club won points, bringing them closer to the glory of the Premier League. The former Masare United striker had to deal with fierce competition under the leadership of head coach Mumba Munamba, but the latest performance may help him become an authority on the first team again.

“I want to thank God for giving me this opportunity and giving me the opportunity to play for Zesco United. This is an important milestone in my career. To score a century of goals for the club makes me very happy and motivated, especially when I Look at the way the team plays,” Be informed of the club’s portal.

“When you leave home, you usually look for it. I thank God that the search is over, especially since I have put in 100 goals for the team. I believe there will be a lot of future.

“It makes me very interested in doing more for the club and inspires me to work hard. Working behind the scenes is very difficult for a player, especially when you need to translate on the court on match day. I I am very happy and assured that all my efforts have not been in vain.

“I want to thank my teammates and technical bench for their support, and encourage me in good times and bad times. For me, this is not an easy season, but with everyone’s support, I have been working hard. I am very happy. I have successfully achieved this milestone. I am motivated to work harder.”

The club praised the Haranby Star as one of the best players they have signed in the past 10 years. He said: “More and more foreign players regard Zambia as the best destination for their career development in the game..

“As a born genius forward with a keen insight into goals, he is one of the best foreign players in Zambia. He is also one of the best players signed by Zesco United in the past ten years to help Zesco United Win multiple championships in the process.

“The tall and thin forward is a threat to the defenders in the domestic league and continental football.”

Sub-team It only takes two points to win the Premier League title.


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