Southgate criticized Alexander-Arnold’s report after he included the Liverpool star in the England team for the 2020 European Cup


Despite speculation that he will be staying at home this summer, the 22-year-old player is recognized by Jesse Lingard

England coach Gareth Southgate aimed at the “nonsense” story after incorporating Liverpool’s Trent Alexander Arnold into his final team for the Euro 2020.

Allegedly, the right back nearly missed the game after a scuffle with the Red Army in the 2020-21 season.

However, he was promoted in Southgate’s 26-man selection, and the head coach was not happy to see reports to the contrary.

Say what?

“I talked to Trent three weeks ago. In the past few weeks, there have been a lot of strange headlines and I don’t know where they came from,” he told reporters after confirming England’s European Cup on Tuesday.

“I think some stories are far from the truth. I have read stories about me, but when it is a player, they may feel that they are reading it, so it may be true.

“Last night we were dealing with this issue, in the morning he was preparing for tomorrow, and then he read that he would not go to the European Cup.

“This is the world I live in, but I want to protect my players. I talked to Trent last night and said,’I don’t know where this comes from, this is nonsense.’ People jumped out and said I have an agenda or not Love this kid. This is an incredible situation.”

The addition of Alexander Arnold spoiled the England team at the right back position. Kieran Trippier, Rees James and Kyle Walker were also included in the lineup.

“We experienced this last week. We have four players who sometimes play right back for their club,” Southgate added. “Basically, they are the best 26 football players and that’s why they joined the team.

“If I can choose five or six right backs, I will choose.”

“Everyone wants to play”

Southgate also promised that his starting XI will have a lot of competition, and all his draft picks are in contention.

“Everyone wants to play, which will affect our decision-making in these two games and the previous training courses.” He said. “We have a good idea of ​​what we want to do, but we always have to be open to change-this is the opportunity the players have in the next two games.”

Harry Maguire, the top 100 European Cup 2020

The two biggest question marks in the England team hang on Harry Maguire and Jordan Henderson, who are currently injured.

Southgate said: “The most complicated part is those injuries and whether we should take risks on people-players like Jordan Henderson and Harry Maguire are no longer normal.”

“With the experience they have, we think we can get them to participate in the game and it is worth getting them to participate-especially because we have an expanded lineup of 26 people.”

Unlucky Seven

In the upcoming friendly match between England and Austria and Romania, six players who failed to advance will also play a role.

“You never want to reveal bad news,” Southgate said. “It’s cute to make people debut and bring them to the team for the first time, but it’s much harder to convey difficult news.

“With the lads this time-three people know they came in to train and participate in these two games with us-we are really very kind to Ben White, Ben Godfrey and Aaron Ramsdale. Satisfied. They added a lot to the group.

“Personally, it is difficult to talk to Jesse Lingard. He has done a lot for the England team over a long period of time. James Ward-Plaus, the captain of the under-21 youth team, also There is Oli Watkins, his season is outstanding with Aston Villa.

“For those three people, I gave them the option to go home, but they all insisted on staying and becoming part of the team. I think Jesse may start tomorrow [Wednesday, against Austria].

“Their commitment and professionalism are exemplary, which means that when I talked to those players yesterday afternoon, although they were disappointed, they knew their position and the atmosphere around the camp remained positive.”

Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood also withdrew from the 33-man qualifier due to injury.

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