“Sorry, there is no shortcut to the FKF Premier League championship”-Bolo told the AFC Jaguars

Ingway was asked to avoid shortcuts and fight hard on the court to help end their 23-year drought without a league trophy

AFC Leopards was told to forget about shortcuts and strive to win the FKF Premier League.

INWE They have faced 23 years since they last won the top league title and Sunday’s club chairman Danshi Kanda opened Pandora’s box When he said that the federation should announce that they won the 2020-21 season, because they topped the list with a 50% match rate.

The statement was not recognized by some football stakeholders. Former Gor Mahia official Sally Bollo told Shikanda and AFC Leopards that they had forgotten the shortcut and planned to win the league correctly.

What did you say?

“The statement from the chairman of Kenya’s oldest football team is very sad,” Bollo told the goal“He doesn’t know the difference between the cancelled league and the running league, which shows his lack of understanding of Kenyan football rules.

Gor Mahia player and KPL trophy.

“Because they reach the top of the league within a week, the AFC president seems very scared and does not want to wait for the café to announce on June 30, although this is not in compliance. On the contrary, he wants the league to return to 50%. Sorry, there is no shortcut. “

What did Shikanda say?

When asking FKF to crown them, the former international accused the Federation of changing the rules for winning the championship for Kenya, insisting that the rules for the crowning of Gor Mahia last year should be used to determine the championship this season.

“I don’t understand why FKF adopts double standards, because at the same stage of last season, when the league was cancelled, they crowned Gor Mahia at the top of the list, and this time it was the AFC Leopards leading, so why can they not declare that we are Champion?” Shikanda asked this question the goal.

“The same rules that were applied to win the championship last season have to be applied this season, so I don’t understand where FKF gets the most recent rules again, that is, a team that will take the lead at the end of June will now become the declared champion. Where do the rules come from?

Gor Mahia Finance Director SALLY Bolo.

“After playing 50% of the games, the AFC Leopards topped the list. When they rushed to Twitter to crown Gor Mahia last season, they [Gor Mahia] I have played the same game and took the lead, so FKF should speed up and give AFC champions. We should always be fair to all teams in the league, rather than favoring certain teams. Rules are rules and must always be one size fits all. “

On May 18, FKF confirmed that the leading team on June 30 (the deadline set by Caf for the submission of representative clubs) will be awarded a seat to represent Kenya in the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League.

Tusker currently leads 18 teams with 38 points in 18 games, while KCB is second with 36 points, the same as the AFC, and champion Golmahia is fourth with 31 points in 17 games.

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