“Ole’s team is softer than muffins!”-De Gea was disappointed by Manchester United’s defense, his former coach said

A person who has observed the quality of the Spanish goalkeeper up close thinks that his performance at Old Trafford has been unfairly criticized

According to former Spanish U21 coach Gabino Rodríguez, Solskjaer’s Manchester United team is “softer than a muffin” and he insists that David De Gea has been disappointed by the Red Devils’ defense.

De Gea experienced another unstable season at Old Trafford in the 2020-21 season. His position between the two teams was threatened by Dean Henderson, the latter in the summer of last year. He returned to the club after loaning to Sheffield United.

In a nightmare in the Europa League final loss to Villarreal, De Gea was criticized for the nightmare. Manchester United eventually extended their trophyless game to four years, but Rodriguez has jumped to defense Goalkeeper under.

What did you say?

Rodriguez coached De Gea while playing for the Spanish U21 team. He believes Solskjaer’s lack of tactical wisdom has exposed the 30-year-old goalkeeper.

“I have always believed that this team is a true reflection of the character of its coach. Look at the team led by Sir Alex Ferguson, it will be merciless,” Rodriguez told sun.

“Ole’s team is softer than Muffins, and David is suffering the consequences of defensive weakness.

“You need to protect your best assets in the team, but there is uncontrollable confusion and gap between midfield and defense. Basically Ole’s team has a cruel defensive weakness. These two central defenders are too Slow, they don’t have the ability to command, and other teams know this very well.

“The biggest problem is Solskjaer’s tactical organization. Manchester United’s defensive flaws underestimated the value of De Gea, and Ole did not convince me. In the past, Roy Keane and Paul Scholes not only commanded Playing games, and doing dirty work, is the backbone of the defense. In Ole’s team, Cavani is the best defender!”

De Gea’s record at Manchester United last season

De Gea played 36 games for the Red Devils last season, but only scored 12 zero seals.

The Spaniard lost a total of 46 goals, one of which was in the Europa League final. He also failed to resist Villarreal’s penalty in the penalty shoot-out-which means he now faces the last 40. None of the penalty kicks were saved.

What else did De Gea’s old coach say?

Rodriguez continued to insist that De Gea should continue to serve as Spain’s first goalkeeper, and at the same time called on Athletic Bilbao’s Unai Simon to replace him in the European Championship this summer.

“Everyone in Spain is talking about Simon, but for me, De Gea is the undisputed number one goalkeeper in the European Cup,” he said.

“David is an icon of Spain, and his influence is the same as that of the legendary Luis Akonada in his playing career.

“His career shows how good he is-but when things go wrong, other people can easily start talking nonsense. Don’t forget that he is only 30 years old, so there is still a lot of time waiting for him. He is just because of other people. And suffer.”

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