Mount: When Chelsea played against Real Madrid, I asked Kovacic to buy me Modric’s jersey

The Blues attacking midfielder grew up watching the Croatian superstar and will now face him for the third time this season.

Mason Mount will face Luka Modric again in the opening game of the 2020 Euro 2020 between England and Croatia. The Chelsea midfielder is looking forward to facing one of his biggest idols.

As a young man in Chelsea’s youth academy, short stature, Mount looked up at Modric and the former Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta While walking his own way, while walking to the top of the world football.

Now a veteran player of Chelsea, Mount is the key to his team’s two-round victory over Real Madrid in the Champions League, because the Blues will continue to win the game against Manchester City in the final, but in addition to his medals, Mo Derridge’s jersey is also an important moment in the European arena.

what did he say?

“I got it at home with a few others. It’s always good to keep those special shirts,” Mount told reporters in St. George’s Park.

“I talked to Kovacic before the first game and asked if I could get his jersey at a later date. I managed to do it and he asked for my jersey in the second game because I was in I didn’t actually give him my jersey in the first game.”

“Kova said that he likes to exchange with players, so he stepped forward and said he wanted me, just to say good luck in the upcoming game. Obviously speaking to him is great for me, he wants mine. Jersey, so I am very at a loss.”

“He has always been a player I admire. Since he was in the Premier League with Tottenham, I have been following him closely. It’s weird to play with him, because I watched him so much, and I kindly know his actions and him. What to do.

“Being a fan of a player and playing against him is helpful because you know what he likes to do. The experience of playing against him is very helpful because you want to participate in these big matches and learn how to deal with stress and important moments.

“They two games [against Real Madrid] It played a huge role in our games and I gained a lot of experience from these two games. “

How will England use Mount?

Gareth Southgate may rely heavily on the 22-year-old midfielder in the upcoming games, who has played against him in almost every game in the past 12 months.

Mount has played as a striker in the midfield of England, and he is likely to adjust his role according to the different opponents faced by the Three Lions.

In fact, he is very comfortable playing different roles in Chelsea’s youth academy, and they like to train versatile football players.

“I think if you look at the number of talents in our team in the future, it tells everything,” he added. “We have players who can control, control and kick the ball, create opportunities and become threats.

“This is obviously something we have been trying to achieve perfection. It will never be 100% perfect. You know that there are sometimes things that won’t click in the game, but the players we have we have been working hard in training, I Hope it will work.

“We will play together and it will be connected when the game starts, so this is what we are focusing on and hope this will happen.”

He went on to say that his team can win glory this summer.

“We have never won the European Cup before, so for us, we are a team that is very eager to do this,” he concluded.

“We want to create an unprecedented history. I think with this team, this young team, we can do it, and we know what we can do.”

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