Jordi Alba wants to “stay in Barcelona for the rest of his life” because summer transfer negotiations have been put on hold


The Spanish international full-back has seen the proposal to leave Camp Nou, but he has no intention of pushing for withdrawal

Jordi Alba was one of the people who triggered the exit conversation at the Nou Camp, but the long-serving left-back stated that he wanted to “stay in Barcelona for the rest of his life”.

Catalonia is discussing changes, because the La Liga giants have been trying to maintain stability in the 2020-21 season, they are trying to get themselves back to the most lofty position in the country and Europe.

Some people suggested that Alba may be waived because Barcelona wants to lower the average age of the team, but the 32-year-old player has no intention of leaving.

What did you say?

Alba, who currently coaches the UEFA Champions League in Spain, told reporters when asked about his future: “I have three years left on my contract and I think I can perform their duties.

“The club’s decision is there, and my intention is to stay in Barcelona for the rest of my life.”

How long has Alba been in Barcelona?

A Catalan returned to his roots in 2012 After becoming famous on the high stage of Valencia.

Alba has played 385 times for Barcelona in the past nine years, winning five La Liga titles and one Champions League title along the way.

Other business?

Lionel Messi Ronald Koeman Barcelona GFX

Alba is not the only outstanding person in Barcelona who sees his future questioned.

Lionel Messi has not yet promised to renew, When he went to the free agency market, Ronald Koeman is working hard to spend his second season in the most demanding management position.

When asked about the speculation surrounding his manager and a talisman teammate, Alba added: “I hope Messi’s future can be resolved as soon as possible.

“The coach has a contract with Barcelona. He has a great season. Then this is the chairman’s decision and we will accept it.”

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