“India has shown that they are a very difficult team to beat”-Qatar coach Felix Sanchez praised India’s defense


The Spanish coach is happy to score three points in the game against the gritty Indian team…

On Thursday, in the sixth match of Group E of the 2022 World Cup and 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers at the Jassim bin Hamad Stadium in Doha, the 10-man Indian team defeated Qatar 1-0 .

Abdel Aziz Hatem scored the only goal of the game in the 34th minute, saving three points for the hosts who maintained the top spot in the group.

Qatar coach Felix Sanchez Bas praised the determined Indian side, which made it difficult for the Malones to score goals.

What did the Qatar coach say?

“We are looking forward to a very difficult game. We are facing a team that is waiting for us. There are many players on defense and very well organized, so it is difficult to create clear opportunities, but we have created a lot of opportunities. We try In order to shoot from a long distance, from both sides, make a combination. We can score enough to get three points, which is the main goal. We are satisfied with the three points, but at the same time, considering the difference, we hope to score more goals in the game ,” Sanchez thought.

India had to defend with only 10 men for more than 73 minutes and still managed to limit Qatar to one goal.

He continued, “The red card in the first half made the game different, and then I think our plan was to win the draw. We didn’t change anything. We are playing the game we were looking forward to. Of course, playing with 10 people for a long time Time is not easy, and at the same time they have a lot of players involved in defense. It is difficult for us to achieve their goals.”

Manville Singh vs. Qatar

‘Gurpreet played a great game’

The former FC Barcelona youth coach praised the Indian goalkeeper Gulpreet Singh Sandu for his efforts in scoring and believes that his performance is the main reason why his team cannot score more goals.

Gulpruit also played for the Indian team in November 2019. When the Indian team drew Qatar into a goalless draw, he made countless saves.

“The team tried everything. We shot more than 25 shots against a team waiting in the penalty area. We tried it was a difficult thing, but it didn’t work today. In addition, they are very organized, their goalkeepers Play a good game again. We have a lot to improve, but we played a wonderful game, we got three points, which is the most important. But the opponents put in a huge effort,” the Spaniard said.

“India have shown that they are a very difficult team to beat. They conceded very few goals in each game. This is because of the entire team, but the goalkeeper (Gurpreet Singh Sandhu) played a big role. He performed well again, And he saved some of the goals we created,” the Qatar boss said.

Who will India face next?

India is scheduled to face Bangladesh on Monday, June 7, and will end their campaign against Afghanistan on June 15. India’s current goal is to finish third in Group E and avoid the play-offs to enter the Asian Cup qualifiers.

This is how India won third place in the group


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