In transfer speculation, teammate Sissoko said that Kane is more worthy than Tottenham’s trophy failure


If his “extraordinary” colleague leaves looking for silverware, the midfielder will understand

According to Tottenham Hotspur teammate Moussa Sissoko, Harry Kane “deserves to win the championship every season” and he is too talented to be trapped where he cannot win trophies.

Sissoko said that despite the prolific shooter, the Spurs have not won any silverware in his career, which made the striker a failure. If he leaves the club this summer, “will wish him all the best.”

The 27-year-old Kane has scored 23 goals and provided 14 assists in 35 league games this season, although Tottenham’s ranking is the lowest in the domestic standings since the 2008-09 season. Regarding his future, he has been the subject of many speculations. According to reports, He has asked the club to sell him.

What did you say?

“Like all players, [Kane] Want to win the championship,” Sissoko told Plantar market“A player like him deserves to win a championship every season. Unfortunately, for various reasons, we fail to do this every time. I think this will definitely irritate him.

“He did not officially say that he wants to leave the club. Harry is one of the best attackers in the world today. Every year, he becomes the top scorer in the Premier League, or one of the best scorers in the league.

“He completed an extraordinary year because he had the best scorer and best assist in the Premier League.

“I don’t know if he will leave, but if he does leave, I will wish him all the best, because he should win the championship with what he has done. He is truly an extraordinary player.

“We want him to stay with us as long as possible. Other than that, it’s all between the president, his agent, and him. I just wish him all the best.”

Where does Kane have contact?

According to reports, Kane has received the attention of domestic and foreign clubs. Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Real Madrid are his most frequently mentioned names in the future. So far, Tottenham Hotspur said they do not plan to let him leave.

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