“He did this deliberately to annoy me”-Muller frustrated Frick, but the Bayern Munich star still calls it a “phenomenon”


The coach who left the Allianz Arena in charge of the German national team has been thinking about cooperation with the World Cup champions

Hans Frick likes to work with “phenomenal” Thomas Muller in Bayern Munich, but he often feels that the World Cup champion is “deliberately” annoying him.

Mueller is as important as always Joined Bayern at the age of 31, Won the recall of the German team at Euro 2020.

For more than a decade, he has been a member of Bayern’s first team, making 581 appearances and scoring 214 goals. His value has never been lost by teammates or coaches-even though he brags about his ability to the same extent. Surprising and frustrating.

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Flick, who will Replacing Joachim Lowe as the new head coach of Germany, Tell Bayern Official website Working with Mueller: “Thomas is a phenomenon to me.

“He doesn’t always do everything right in the game, but as a coach, he brings you more happy moments than when you feel upset about him-for example, when he shouldn’t have come In the corner, the ball is lost and the counterattack appears.

“Sometimes I almost laugh out loud, feeling that he did this deliberately to annoy me and make my adrenaline soar again, but he means a lot to the team and the club. There will never be someone like him again. . His achievements in his career are unique. The most important thing is that he is very down-to-earth and a very good person.”

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Flick will not work with Mueller at the club level next season because he decided to abandon his contract with Bayern.

Julian Nagelsmann will fill his vacancy in Bavaria, The 33-year-old high evaluation will fill all the most demanding positions in the Bundesliga.

Flick hopes his successor can thrive in this star-studded team. He said: “I think Julian Nagelsman will have a lot of fun in this team because they have excellent Quality and good attitude. I also write to him.

“They are a top team and they know what is important. As a coach, you have to support them.”

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