Forward Whisperer Spalletti can ignite Osmeen like Totti, Dzeko, Icardi


The former Roma and Inter Milan coach has a history of allowing strikers to perform at their best. He can become a Nigerian striker in Naples.

Napoli’s misfortune on the Serie A finish line made Gattuso’s idea of ​​continuing to be the head coach to no avail.

The news of his departure was a wrench for Victor Osimhen, who serenaded his former manager on social media.

It is worth remembering that the AC Milan legend supported the signing of the Nigeria international, and as criticism of the suspension season intensified, he struggled with corner kicks many times.

However, football has almost no time to reach sensitive people.

On Saturday, the club announced the appointment of former Roma coach Luciano Spalletti (Luciano Spalletti), who has been unemployed since his dismissal by Inter Milan in 2019.

He is expected to allow Naples to return to the Champions League for the first time in three years, while at the same time creating a clear tactical identity in a way that Gattuso cannot.

Gattuso, Naples, Rome 03212021

An unexpected consequence of soaring transfer fees is that, in addition to obtaining results, the criterion for judging managers now is their ability to cater to high-value assets.

The current job profile includes a part-time job, basically taking care of the children-look at Frank Lampard after Chelsea was fired, Thomas Tuchel took over Chelsea in part because, as a German, he will have Better prepare to get value from Timo Werner and Kai Havertz, both of whom have worked hard to justify expensive spending.

Therefore, Spalletti’s other key performance indicator in Naples is almost certainly his ability to use Osimone’s source of abilities and surface his potential.

Although the 22-year-old player did enjoy Gattuso’s enthusiasm and conviction while the former AC Milan coach was in charge of Sao Paulo, his debut season was more suggestive than decisive.

Due to multiple injuries and two positive Covid-19 test results that hindered his adaptation, Osimhen really became a shooter in the final throes of the season.

Victor Osimhen Granada Naples

Although that belated commotion was crucial to his confidence (he eventually reached double digits), it is conceivable that if he does not act immediately, he will not learn from the demanding Italian media and loyal fans of Naples. Get the same allowance there.

After all, he received record fees for the club and the Africans from Lille. It is not just Aurelio De Laurentiis who approved the purchase of Edinson Cavani and Gonzalo Higuain, they both achieved legendary achievements in southern Italy before leaving.

It is not unreasonable to expect more than 10 people in Serie A.

The good news is that Spalletti has been a forward whisperer throughout his career.

In his first season as the coach of Rome, he revolutionized Italian football with a bold “no forward” system, allowing the club’s talisman Francesco Totti to win the most in his career. Good scoring season. Er Pupone scored 26 goals in the 2006/07 season and always won the European Golden Boot. He played a nominal striker authorized to start from the inside.

In Zenit St. Petersburg, Spalletti’s method helped the returning Alexander Krzakov score 23 league goals in the 2011/12 season.

The pair will eventually fall out, but it is instructive that the Russian has never scored so high in a league season before, and has never done so again.

In the second game in Rome, Edin Dzeko scored 29 league goals (the best goal of his career), after which the Tuscan coach inspired Mauro Icardi in the international Milan scored the same goal-it was also the best goal of the Argentine international’s career.

Luciano Spalletti International Rome Serie A

Perhaps the most impressive thing about his success at the center is that these four forwards are completely different in style.

Of course, Totti is not a striker at all, but a silky and elegant creator who thrives between the two lines. Krzakov is an explosive forward, he is the last line of defense of the opponent; Dzeko is a shooter who can kick the ball; and Icardi is a cunning poacher in the penalty area.

All the different profiles, but all flourished under Spalletti’s coaching.

According to his record, Spalletti is like this if it can be guaranteed to raise the striker by one or two levels. More importantly: this is probably a factor in De Laurentiis’s decision.

However, there is an undercurrent of volatility.

Alexander Krzakov

His disagreement with Krzakov and Icardi stemmed from (in Spalletti’s view) lack of professionalism, and the Russian was sent to the Zenit reserve for training.

He eventually fell out with Totti, seriously mishandled the last season of the Roman legend at the club, and had frequent disputes with Dzeko during the record-setting season in Bosnia.

This 62-year-old is obviously a difficult person to get along with at times.