Fantasy Football in Europe 2020: The best players, skills, budget and how to play UEFA games


Everything you need to know about UEFA official matches, including players to be selected, best techniques, prizes, etc.

If you expect Euro 2020 You can make it more interesting by participating in the official Fantasy football game.

Most people will be familiar with the Premier League version, but UEFA launched its own unique version before the game.

So if you want to play, the goal Brings you everything you need to know, including the best player choices, tips and prize information.

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  1. What is the Euro 2020 fantasy football game and how do you play?
  2. Who is the best player in European fantasy football in 2020?
  3. What is the best secret of fantasy football for the Euro 2020?
  4. When is the deadline for the 2020 European Fantasy Football Tournament?
  5. Are there any prizes for winning the 2020 European Fantasy Football?
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What is the Euro 2020 fantasy football game and how do you play?

It is exactly what it says on the can: a fantasy football match based on the teams and players participating in the 2020 European Cup.

You choose a formation and choose a team of 15 players-two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards.

Of course, fantasy football managers must operate within a budget of 100 million euros (increased to 105 million euros from the past 16 years), so careful consideration is needed to get the best combination.

In the group stage, you can only have up to three players from the same team, but in the knockout stage, the limit will increase and fewer teams will participate.

Points are allocated based on the number of games played, the number of goals scored, the number of assists, etc., but points will be deducted due to cards, missed penalties, goals conceded and own goals scored.

So, how do you play the 2020 European Fantasy Football Tournament?Simple, go to UEFA Official Website Or download the UEFA Euro 2020 app, which is available at IOS or Android equipment.

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Gareth Southgate, England interview

Who is the best player in European fantasy football in 2020?

The best players selected on any fantasy football team are those with the highest scores.

Ideally, you should choose players who can participate in each game, especially those who score and score goals.

It may be tempting to create a “dream team” where you want to watch the game in real life, but this method usually doesn’t work in fantasy football.

For example, many people consider N’Golo Kanter to be one of the best midfielders of his generation. He is an integral part of France, but he is a defensive player, so he is unlikely to score or score. ball.

To help you get started, Goal will look at some of the best players to choose from.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, 12 million euros)

This may be Cristiano Ronaldo’s last major event. As Portugal tries to keep the title, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner will be eager to make an impact in the game. Before the 2020 European Cup, Ronaldo had scored 103 goals for his national team in 173 games, and his free kicks and penalty kicks increased his chances of scoring.

Kylian Mbappe (France, 12 million euros)

Already the World Cup champion of the French team, Kylian Mbappe will be the key Blues ‘The attack on the crown of Europe. He is the most valuable player in the 2020 European Fantasy Football game with Ronaldo, but his scoring feel suggests that he may be worth the price.

Harry Kane (England, 11.5 million euros)

The main goal threat for the England team, Harry Kane’s cost is slightly lower than Ronaldo and Mbappe. The Tottenham Hotspur striker has entered the 2020 European Cup with the support of a club-level 33 goals season. He is already one of the best scorers in the history of the Three Lions. Kane is also a penalty shooter, so this makes him more attractive.

Robert Lewandowski (Poland, 11.5 million euros)

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski Won the European Golden Boot in the 2020-21 season He scored a record 41 goals in 29 games, and he will be eager to enter the European Championship in this state. ‘Lewy’ will score goals, and Poland will look to them for a chance to advance from a group that also includes Spain, Slovakia and Sweden.

Romelu Lukaku (Belgium, 11 million euros)

Romelu Lukaku, who participated in Euro 2020 as a Serie A champion, is playing the best football of his career, and the fact that he is still Belgium’s main goal scorer is enough to make him into your fantasy football team .

Romelu Lukaku, Belgium 2020

Bruno Fernandez (Portugal, 10.5 million euros)

Bruno Fernandez scored 28 midfield goals for Manchester United in the 2020-21 season and is considered one of the best candidates for European fantasy football in 2020. However, a warning should be issued because he is not the main star of Portugal, and before the game, he only scored two goals in 27 games. Nevertheless, the quality of Fernandez is undeniable.

Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium, 10.5 million euros)

Kevin De Bruyne may miss Belgium’s Euro 2020 opener against Russia Facial injuries In the Champions League final, but if he is healthy, the Manchester City star will become a key player for the Red Devils.

Ferran Torres (Spain, 8 million euros)

Manchester City teenager Ferran Torres is one of the leaders of Luis Enrique’s Spanish team and has performed well on the international senior stage. He scored double digits for Guardiola’s team in his first season at the club and he was full of confidence.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (England, 6.5 million euros)

Due to poor form, whether Gareth Southgate will choose Trent Alexander-Arnold to participate in the 2020 European Cup, there are actually some concerns, but the Liverpool full-back Impressed again at the end of the season. Alexander Arnold is a flying full-back who assists and occasionally scores. He also has a good free kick in the locker room and sometimes corner kicks.

Thibaut Courtois (Belgium, 6 million euros)

Real Madrid’s Thibo Courtois is the highest-value goalkeeper in the 2020 European Fantasy Football Tournament (along with France’s Hugo Lloris and Germany’s Manuel Neuer). Roberto Martinez’s team not only has a daunting offense, but their defense is also difficult to break. They only conceded three goals in qualifying as evidenced by this.

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Karim Benzema, France 30052021

What is the best secret of fantasy football for the Euro 2020?

Fantasy football is fun, but when friends join the league, it becomes very competitive. Here are some tips to help you stand out.

1. Pay attention, use transfers and pay attention to deadlines

It’s easy to simply choose a team and forget it, but if you want to win, you need to constantly trim your team by swapping players and removing dead wood. This is especially true for tournaments, where wild card players usually stand out.

2. Use your chips

Speaking of wildcards, we must make good use of the game’s chips.For the Euro 2020 fantasy football match, the bargaining chip is Wildcard with unlimited. Using Wildcard chips allows you to make unlimited permanent transfers, while Limitless allows you to make unlimited temporary transfers within a game week without budget constraints.

3. Look for differences

If everyone chooses similar teams, then it means that the teams will all have the same level of points-this is where the use of differences becomes a wise course of action. Look for players who are not selected by many but who score high.

4. Choose the player to score and create the goal

Goal makers and goal makers are the kings of fantasy football, so if your budget allows, pack as many people into your team as possible. When choosing a defender, think of a full-back standing on the side or with a set ball and a central defender with a header. Choose creative midfielders and wingers. Finally, pick out the players for free kicks and penalty kicks!

5. The captain is a shooter

In fantasy football, leadership in choosing a captain is not important. The total points of the player who becomes the captain will be doubled, so be sure to wear the armband on the player with the highest score.

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When is the deadline for the 2020 European Fantasy Football Tournament?

time game
Match day 1 British Summer Time at 8pm on June 11
Match day 2 British Summer Time at 2pm on June 16
Match day 3 British Summer Time at 5pm on June 20
Last 16 British Summer Time June 26 at 5 pm
quarter final British Summer Time July 2 at 5 pm
Semifinal British Summer Time July 6th at 8pm
final British Summer Time at 8pm on July 11

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Are there any prizes for winning the 2020 European Fantasy Football?

Each match day has prizes, as well as the total prizes of the top teams and the sweepstakes for each player.

Before the first game, everyone who enters the 2020 European Fantasy Football team has a chance to win Tickets The knockout stage of the game.

Every match day, players have a chance to win a £20 takeaway website voucher.

The following is a breakdown of the overall winners:

position prize
the first Free takeaway for one year
the second, the third Free takeaway for one year
Fourth/fifth Xbox consoles, PES games and a £50 takeaway voucher
6-10 Officially selected national team jersey
11th-30th Official match ball

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