European Cup in Italy 2020: Mancini was finally selected for the 26-man roster, Las Padori was unexpectedly selected


The Azzurri have confirmed that their group will participate in the International Championships this summer

Italy on Tuesday announced their full 26-man lineup for the 2020 European Cup, with young forward Giacomo Laspadori representing the most surprising selection.

Sassuolo forward Las Padori has never participated in a competitive senior team game for the Azzurri, but was selected to play before Italy’s game against Turkey on June 11.

Gianluca Mancini, Matteo Pessina and Matteo Politano are one of the omissions of the head coach Roberto Mancini’s team. The head coach has previously fired Paris Saint-Germain forward Moisine. His team welcomed him in an exaggerated manner. Upcoming game Impromptu rap Representatives from Naples before the team announced.

Italy’s Euro 2020 lineup and full numbers

goalkeeper: Gianluigi Donnarumma (Milan), Alex Meiret (Naples), Salvatore Cirigu (Torino)

Defender: Archerby (Lazio), Bastoni (Inter Milan), Bonucci (Juventus), Chiellini (Juventus), Di Lorenzo (Naples), Palmieri (Chelsea) ), Florenzi (Paris Saint-Germain), Spinazzola (Rome)), Rafael Toloy (Atlanta)

Midfielder: Nicolo Barrera (Inter Milan), Brian Christant (Rome), Frylo Jorge Luis Jorginho (Chelsea), Manuel Locatelli ( Sassuolo), Lorenzo Pellegrini (Rome), Stefano Sensi (Inter Milan), Marco Villati (Paris Saint-Germain)

Forward: Belotti (Torino), Berardi (Sassuolo), Bernardski (Juventus), Chiesa (Juventus), Immobile (Lazio), Insigne ( Naples), Las Padori (Sassuolo)

Call of Laspadori

Raspadori is a newcomer to the Italian senior team, even though he has played for the national youth team.

Last season, the 21-year-old Sassuolo forward made 27 appearances in Serie A and scored 6 goals.

“It’s an incredible feeling, it’s hard to even understand what happened,” he told Roman sports When he was appointed to the interim team. “I’m proud of it. I haven’t talked to Mancini, but I want to thank him.”

Who missed it?

Despite being loaned to Paris Saint-Germain this season, Keane missed the promotion. There is speculation that he may be injured, but he played 45 minutes in a friendly against San Marino last week.

At the same time, Mancini and Persina are victims of the crowded midfielder, unable to adapt to Mancini’s current plan.

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