England prodigy Foden thanks Southgate for a second chance after the Iceland incident

The Manchester City striker admits he is grateful to the team that was sent home last year

Phil Foden thanked Gareth Southgate for handling a controversy last September, and both he and Mason Greenwood disappeared from their duties in England.

The couple was sent home They broke Covid guidelines after making their first international appearance on a trip to Iceland, In the case of being accused of inviting the girl back to the hotel room.

However, Foden returned to the international arena with Manchester City’s outstanding performance. Before the European Cup, the 21-year-old still thanked England coach Southgate for giving him a second chance.

what did he say?

“I made a big mistake,” Foden told reporters in St. George’s Park. “I’m still young. But Gareth said that if I continue to perform well and continue to perform, I should get another chance.

“So I have to work hard for this, not many managers will give you another chance, so I must thank Gareth very much for giving me another chance.”

Foden’s enthusiasm for England

Foden added: “I have been a huge England fan since I was a kid.” “I really can’t just name one player. I just like the whole team.

“There are so many great players together. I believe we should get more from the team we have. We just want to focus on what we do now and make our own history.”

Although it was born four years after the European Championships in 1996, The organizer showed a bleached hairstyle, leading to a comparison with the Three Lions The legendary Paul Gascoigne.

As we all know, Foden also likes to collect Panini stickers for his albums.

“When I was in England for the last time, they gave us the collection to complete,” he said when asked about his collection.

“So I put it in my room when I was bored. Put them in, do something, and then I start to enjoy it more. I started to collect more, and I still do it.”

Foden, who was born in Stockport, is also a young supporter of Manchester City. Recently he started his club’s first ever Champions League final. They lost to Chelsea 1-0 with a goal from Kehaverts. .

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