Dortmund refuses Manchester United to buy Sancho for 67 million pounds

The Red Devils’ first offer failed to reach the level that the German club was willing to accept

Manchester United’s bid for Sancho was 67 million pounds (95 million US dollars), but it was rejected.

The England international is one of Solskjaer’s primary goals this summer, as the 21-year-old failed to reach a deal last year because of the valuation gap between the two sides.

Solskjaer is still keen to strengthen the right wing and has been discussing a potential transfer with the former Manchester City player who is keen to transfer with Sancho’s camp and Dortmund.

What do we know?

Sancho is still Manchester United’s primary target, and although they missed the opportunity last summer, Dortmund is ready to let him leave in the current transfer window if they get the fee they want.

Manchester United are optimistic that they can reach a deal for the England star, but Goal can confirm that their initial bid did not reach the level that Dortmund was willing to accept.

It is believed that the initial bid was approximately £67 million and the club is expected to consider another bid to sign the 21-year-old England international.

It is understood that Dortmund has explained the transfer conditions to Manchester United, and Sancho is open to the transfer.

What did Solskjaer say about the transfer?

The Manchester United manager looks forward to the appearance of two or three new faces in the current window, because he hopes to improve in the disappointment of second place in the league and the Europa League final last season.

“We are the second best, but are far behind threatening the winners. Then we have to strengthen ourselves,” Solskjaer told Norwegian TV.

“Of course, something will happen in the transfer window. The world has become very different from 15-16 months ago, but we have to make some actions on the transfer window and also act with the team.

“It is never possible to sit back and watch. You are always looking for reinforcements. Football is dynamic, so unexpected things may happen, such as injuries, illness, familiar things or someone trying to move.

“You have to think about and reflect on all possible things. I will never sit down and think,’Now the team is what I want’, because you always see other players or other teams doing what you want to do. “

What else does Manchester United want?

It is understood that a central defender and midfielder are also on the list, and the right-back competition is also seeking Kieran Trippier’s choice.

Rafael Varane and Paul Torres are the main candidates for central defenders, because Solskjaer hopes to find a more stable partner for Harry Maguire.

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