De Boer claimed that “Croyff will stand up in the grave”, but still supports the brothers’ Dutch formation

Wednesday’s 2-2 draw with Scotland won widespread counterattacks from players and fans, but the Orange team may still stick to the 2020 European Cup

Ronald De Boer understood the resistance of his brother Frank’s deployment of the 5-3-2 formation in the Dutch national team and added that if he sees Oranje legend John Cruyff “will be on his grave Turn around”-but he emphasized that there is still a place on the international stage.

In the first warm-up match before the 2020 European Cup, De Boer saw his team drew 2-2 with Scotland. Memphis Depay’s goal needs to be saved in the team against Steve Clarke. Loot.

Throughout the process, Oranje tried a formation that was more defensive than the traditional 4-3-3. The shortcomings of this formation won counterattacks from players and experts after the game-but the brothers and sisters of their coach can see the advantages and disadvantages of this tactic.

What did you say?

“John Cruyff will roll over in his grave,” De Boer told Telegraph The formation before the final warm-up match between the Netherlands and Georgia.

“But he will do that too [if he saw the] The Barcelona game under the leadership of Ronald Koeman. Although it is still a very attractive system, it is about how you fill it out.

“When you have two very good opponents against you, it is useful to place a person between your two central defenders. This way you are always sure and you can also play a role on the offensive end.”

Bigger picture

After missing the qualification for the 2018 World Cup, De Boer will now lead the Dutch team to the first major event since finishing third in the 2014 World Cup.

This gap means that a generation of geniuses will participate in their first game for the national team-despite the cruel fate, captain Virgil Van Dijk will be absent due to injury, and goalkeeper Jasper Sileson will be absent due to the new crown virus. —— 19.

They will face Ukraine, North Macedonia and Austria in Group C and are expected to advance to the knockout rounds.

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