Coty: Why Ishinajo performed well in Leicester City

The former Foxes forward has an insight into why the Nigerian star performed well in front of Brendan Rodgers players last season

Tony Cottee explained the reasons behind Kelechi Iheanacho’s outstanding scoring performance for Leicester City in the 2020-21 season.

Before entering 2021, the former Manchester City prodigy could only brag about two Premier League games without finding the net because he played second place in the Foxes.

Nevertheless, the change of fortune allowed him to restore his scoring status, which played a key role in the FA Cup victory of the King Power Stadium team.

In addition, this state won him the Premier League Player of the Month award in March, and he won the club’s top scorer award for Jamie Vardy.

When assessing the performance of the Nigerian, Coty, who played the starring role in the East Midlands from 1997 to 2000, claimed that the conversion of his manager’s formation provided space for two forwards, which was the key to his goal. .

“The target flew in, and his confidence was very high,” Coty told Leicester City official website.

“I think he has also established a very good partnership with Jamie. As a former Leicester player and former center, I like the team to play two people in the frontcourt, because I think it gives you more options. It brings more to the team.

“He was very good, especially in March. I remember his hat trick and some absolutely brilliant goals. We have always known that he is a good finisher, there is no doubt about it.”

“As a manager, you sometimes scratch your head. If you experience a difficult patch, you will look for and look for other ideas,” he continued.

“This is where I admire Brendan-he can determine when a change is needed, and he has enough courage to do it.

“I have been doing this myself throughout my entire career. The managers told me that they knew I could score goals. Martin O’Neal told me in Leicester City, but it was also to bring the other side in. Your game.

“You have to work hard for the team. Being a center is not always easy, because I think, in essence, if you are a shooter, you are almost in a’selfish mode’ because your focus and goals are Goal.

“I think Kelechi did everything right in the games I saw. In all aspects of his game, his performance was as good as he had never done before in his career.”

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