“Complete lack of respect”-After Reina was hit by a fan projectile in the National League final, USMNT manager Berhalter was furious

The Dortmund star was treated by medical staff on the pitch in a terrible scene on Sunday night

The head coach of the United States Men’s National Team (USMNT) Greg Berhalt had an incident at the end of the Central American and Caribbean Nations League final on Sunday night. Fans threw objects at the players. Winger Gio Renner He was injured by a bottle flying out of the stands, and Henry Martin of Mexico was also hit.

The incident occurred at the end of the USMNT’s 3-2 victory over Mexico in overtime, and the temper on the court was also very grumpy. When members of the two teams came together after a difficult challenge to Christian Pulisic on the sideline, projectiles flew out of the crowd.

USMNT full-back Sergino Dest was one of the players who screamed in the stands asking fans to stop throwing objects, but his request was largely ignored because of Reina and Martin Being hit. As of Monday afternoon, at least five people have been arrested for the incident.

What did you say?

“It has no place in the game, and the audience throws objects on the field,” Berhalt told reporters.

“There is no respect for what happened on the court and all the efforts the two teams put in the game, so I am really disappointed to see this.

“[Reyna is] It will be okay, but he did take some things, and the situation may be worse. “

what happened?

What measures have been taken?

Monday afternoon, Denver Post According to reports, four fans were arrested for trespassing and another fan was arrested for throwing projectiles during the game.

The management company in charge of Mile wrote: “Although Denver was shown as a world-class football destination and Empower Field at Mile High was shown as a premier sports and entertainment venue that night, unfortunately, some customers’ behavior made this order. The memorable event has lost its meaning.” The golf course issued a statement.

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