Chelsea’s Mendy make headlines for this season’s Champions League best team


After an outstanding performance in the just-concluded game, the Senegal international came to the top in Thomas Tuchel’s Blues-led trials

Edouard Mendy is one of the best players in the UEFA Champions League for the 2020-21 season. Manchester City’s Riyad Mahrez was excluded from the 23-man team.

After a campaign to win the game for the second time in the history of the Londoners, seven Chelsea players advanced.

Mendy worked in the goalkeeper department with Courtois of Real Madrid and Edson of the Citizens.

He was signed from Ligue 1 team Rennes for £22 million (US$31 million), because six times the top British league Kings tried to find greater stability between the two teams because of Kepa Ali. There was a costly error in Zabaraga’s game.

His contribution to the success of the Blues Champions League should not be underestimated, because he participated in 12 games; Nine goals without conceding-this feat allowed him to tie the zero record of this tournament.

Only Santiago Canizares (Valencia in 2000-01) and Kyle Navas (Real Madrid in 2015-16) have reached this number in one season, which means the African star Joined an extremely unique club.

The experienced African tactician Henry Abioden once stated that the Senegalese have the ability to reach the highest level of the game in the next few years.

“He has always been one of the main differences. Even before Frank Lampard was shown the way out. Since he came in, he has been able to make an impressive impact,” he told the goal.

“As a Nigerian, I am happy for him-an African player is setting goals for a top team like Chelsea, and he is doing very well.

“Now he has a very solid three-back, he will continue to do better. With the current defensive formation, he [Mendy] Can’t do too many wrong things. So far everything goes well, I am very impressed with his performance and I think he will continue to build confidence.

“He is working hard to write his name for world football and become one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

“I think we haven’t seen any African players reach that level of goals recently, and he has done a good job.

“So, Mendy is the pride of the African continent. I think his future is good, and I hope he is not injured.”


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