Carlinhos: Yanga SC parted ways with Angolan winger after a season


After a season plagued by multiple injuries, the forward has obtained the desire to leave the Jangwani Giants.

Yanga SC has confirmed that they have parted ways with winger Carlos Carlinjos, who has made a request to leave the club he signed at the beginning of the season.

the goal Exclusively reported on Monday that the Angolan player who signed for the Jangwani Giants from Interclube, the Angolan Premier League team, has asked the club management to terminate the agreement he signed when he joined on September 6, 2020.

Yanga confirmed in a signed statement that they have released the player and wish him all the best in his next move.

What Yang Yang said?

“The management of Yanga wants to confirm that they have reached a mutual agreement to terminate the Carlos contract. [Carlinhos] From Angola, effective immediately,” read part of the club’s statement and get the goal.

“The decision was made after the players contacted the club management and requested their release. After the two parties negotiated, they agreed to end the transaction in a joint manner.

Carlos Carlinhos of Yanga SC.

“Yanga would like to thank Carinhos for his dedication to the club while with us, and wish him all the best in his next move outside of Yanga.”

Earlier Monday, an anonymous source inside the club told the goal The reason for Kalinhos’ request to leave.

What did Yanga sources say?

“I can confirm to you, winger Carlos [Carlinhos] Has asked to leave the club,” the source told the goal on Monday. “He was forced to make a decision because his wife was not satisfied with life in Tanzania and they wanted to relocate.

“I also know that my wife has left Tanzania because the conditions are not good enough for her, and Kalinhos is now trying to follow suit.”

The Angolan player appeared as a domineering player after signing with Yanga, however, he has been working hard to determine the team’s starting role and managed several games last season after being injured midway through the Continental Super League.

The injury caused him to miss several games, including the Carriacou Derby against Simba, which ended in a 1-1 draw. Since then, he has been trying to return to the game, but he has always been pulled by injuries. come back.

When the player’s veil was unveiled, GSM’s investment director Hersi Said revealed that signing Carrinhos had rejected Portugal’s offer to sign Yanga, and further promised the fans that he would be a genius during his stay in Yangwani Players.


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