Berhalt: It is difficult to exclude Pulisic from the USMNT lineup against Honduras


The Chelsea star is expected to enter the starting lineup for the upcoming National League semi-finals

US men’s national team coach Greg Berhalt said it’s hard to tell Christian Pulisic that he did not participate in Thursday’s National League semifinal against Honduras.

After missing the team’s loss to Switzerland for Chelsea’s victory over Manchester City in the Champions League final, Pulisic will join USMNT in the next few days.

When Pulisic made history As the first USMNT player to reach the Champions League final, the winger position in the USMNT lineup was filled by Gio Reina and Brendon Aronson, both of whom impressed Berhalt with a 2-1 defeat.

What did Berhalt say?

“I don’t think it’s a question of what happened tonight, whether Christian is playing or not,” Berhalt said. “Try to tell Christian that he will not participate in the game on Thursday. This will be a very difficult game. After winning the Champions League, participating in the game will have an impact on that game, and he is ready.”

“It is very difficult to exclude him from the lineup, but, having said that, we are satisfied with the work of the gods. I think they did a good job, Gio and Brendon. Especially Brendan, just for This running and his unremitting efforts have created some opportunities.

“Gio’s crosses were also dangerous a few times. He was also very satisfied with his work efficiency. I think that before he came out, he ran behind the back line a few times was dangerous. He could have made some diagonals. s things.

“In general, these people are doing well, and we look forward to recovering and preparing for Honduras.”

Adams is still up in the air

Despite recent injuries, Taylor Adams did not dress for Sunday’s USMNT defeat after being included in the ball team.

The RB Leipzig midfielder has been dealing with a back injury in recent weeks, and Berhalt said whether he can participate in the National League semifinals is yet to be determined.

Berhalt said: “When we fly over tomorrow, the medical staff will tell us the latest situation.” “It’s too early to tell.”

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