Barcelona will investigate internal complaints about payments in the Bartomeu era


There will be questions to answer to send money to companies that have not completed the assigned tasks. Among other questions, Goal can reveal

Barcelona is reviewing several internal complaints involving the contracts of former President Josep Maria Bartomeu and his deputy.

the goal The existence of complaints can be confirmed. These complaints involve payments to suppliers who failed to carry out any work or did not complete tasks.

Bartomeu was dismissed from Barcelona’s chairmanship in October 2020 He was eventually replaced by Joan Laporta.

What are the allegations?

the goal It is understood that several companies were hired by Braugrana and paid their salaries, but there was no record of completing the tasks.

In fact, Barcelona employees, including those in the club’s communications and marketing departments, were allegedly forced to complete some supplier work.

Some of these jobs include working for the club Barcelona, ​​Spain The project will transform and upgrade the Nou Camp and other related facilities.

In addition, the source suggested the goal Barcelona hired and paid multiple companies to perform exactly the same tasks.

The former executives of the Espai Barca project insisted that everything was done with the highest level of transparency and professionalism.

Barcelona declined to comment when contacted the goal Regarding these allegations.

Say what?

After taking over as Barcelona, ​​Laporta hinted at some potentially troublesome business under his predecessor.

Laporta said at his introductory press conference: “The things we have to solve are emerging. Some are worrying, some are surprising, some are complicated, but there is a solution.” “We will maximize Be transparent because our findings must be explained.”

Bartomeu’s troubles are getting bigger

Bartomeu involved in the “Bakamen” scandal He was seen arrested earlier this year. “Barcagate” is an ongoing investigation in which the Bartomeu government is accused of secretly paying public relations firm I3 Ventures to do online work for the club.

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