Bangladesh coach Jamie Day: If you give Sunil Chetri a chance, he will score

The British coach complained that it was too cheap for his players to pass the ball to the Indian team of Igor Stemark…

Bangladesh suffered a fifth defeat in the seventh Group E match of the 2022 World Cup and 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers, and lost to India 0-2 in Doha on Monday night.

Sunil Chetri scored twice in the second half and scored India into third place in the group. Bangladesh has a chance to finish fourth, but unless they get some results, they must beat Oman in the final match.

What did the Bangladesh coach say to Sunil Chhetri?

Bangladesh coach Jamie Day was disappointed by his team’s inability to switch halftime opportunities and praised Sunil Chetri’s clinical performance.

Sunil Chhetri, Bangladesh vs. India, 2022 World Cup qualifier

“For a long time, we did a good job, we had a few halftime chances. But if you give Chetri a chance, he will score well tonight. He was in the last 20 minutes There were two chances, he seized it. So, we now move on to the next game and draw positive factors from it,” Dai said.

Can’t defend against international teams for 90 minutes

If the referee awarded a penalty kick when Chetri was knocked down in the penalty area in the first half, or if Singlesana Singh’s header was not cleared from the goal line, then Bangladesh’s goal line could be worse. . In fact, when Bangladesh struggled to handle the cross, Sandesh Jhingan and Subhashish Bose were also very close to the corner kick.

Dai pointed out that although his team’s work efficiency is top-notch, they are too easy to pass the ball to their opponents, which makes their lives more difficult.

“I thought for 80 minutes and we played very well. The shape is very good and it is difficult to break down. You will see the difference in the quality of the players when they have the ball. I think one of the disappointments is that we passed the ball too Many, and gave the ball back to India,” he said.

“I think our players are great. They work hard and do their best every day. We just can’t keep the ball. This shows in a game where you give up possession too much. If you are against a better team Do this with better players, then at some stage they will punish you,” he explained.

He suggested that it is vital for Bangladesh to be more creative in possession, although this is something they can only overturn in the long term, rather than scoring an immediate goal.

“You can’t defend for 90 minutes against an international team, but I can’t blame them for their hard work. They work hard. We just need to do better on the ball, but this is a long-term plan, not a short-term plan. plan.”

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