Asike and Meja were named the best players of the Tusker FC chasing the championship

The Brewers paid tribute to their two players for inspiring the team to continue participating in the league and domestic cups

After rewarding defenders Eugene Asik and Sami Meja as the club’s best players in May for their exemplary performance, Tusk stepped up his efforts for a successful season.

The Brewers are currently chasing the double crown as they top the 18-team FKF Premier League standings and are also in the quarter-finals of the Shield Cup.

To further motivate the players, the club has rewarded these two players and promised to do so before the end of the season on August 22.

Meja played most of the time on the sidelines at the beginning of the season, but got a starting opportunity when the season restarted. He was honored by scoring a solo goal in the 1-1 draw with Wazito FC.

What did you say?

Asik said after winning the prize Club official website“I am very happy about this, but I believe this is a team effort, I believe we are all winners. This is a good gesture, which makes me feel the motivation to move forward. See the executive office here to appreciate We are doing the work, and thank the team for bringing positive energy to the camp.”