Argentina confirmed the Copa America participation in Brazil after the tournament host changed

The AFA statement brings the game one step closer to the actual happening this month

Argentina has confirmed its participation in the Copa America because it was postponed to Brazil.

It was originally planned to be co-hosted by Argentina and Colombia, and the game was removed from South American countries because Rising Covid cases with political turmoil, Respectively.

However, Brazil also has its own Covid problem, which causes Brazilians Openly opposed to hosting a football match Temporary notice. But now it seems that Argentine players are unwilling to join their opponents on the field to protest CONMEBOL’s decision.

What did you say?

“The Argentine national team confirmed its participation in the 2021 America’s Cup, which is reflected in its historical sportsmanship,” the AFA wrote in a statement. statement.

“With the great efforts of the Argentine Football Association, everyone can use all the necessary tools to ensure every specific care required in this difficult period we are going through. The national team will go to Brazil to participate in the Continental European Championship.

“All employees of the Albiceleste team will work together to overcome this misfortune. Unfortunately, it affects all South Americans equally.”

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There is potential drama that has not yet unfolded and may disrupt plans for the Copa America, as the Spaniards have stated that they will communicate their official position on the game after playing against Paraguay in the World Cup qualifiers on Tuesday. In view of their reservations about the game, it is reported that some of their players may refuse to participate in the game.

However, if the Brazilian players do intend to boycott, it would be a blow to the Brazilian players without Argentine support. Despite all the dramatic events, the AFA statement brought the game one step closer to the actual happening this month.

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