After the Covid-19 chaos led to the withdrawal of Colombia and Argentina, Brazil will host the 2021 Copa America


The two countries that were originally scheduled to host the event were unable to stage an elite event, and CONMEBOL decided to take action

Due to the region’s concerns about Covid-19, Argentina and Colombia were unable to fulfill their commitments as hosts for the 2021 Copa America, and Brazil has stepped in for the elite continental competition.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc in South America, there is a very real threat at some stage that an event that has been postponed once needs to be rescheduled again.

However, CONMEBOL has taken decisive action and announced that the hosts of the 2019 Championship will step up again within an hour.

What did you say?

The official statement read: “The 2021 CONMEBOL America’s Cup will be held in Brazil!

“The start and end dates of the competition have been set.

“CONMEBOL will inform the venue and schedule list in the next few hours.

“The oldest national team tournament in the world will shock the entire continent!”


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