Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul: Three storylines to follow before the Showtime PPV event


Floyd Mayweather will return to the boxing ring on Sunday night to start a match with YouTube star Logan Paul. Exhibition game in Miami Gardens, FloridaThe battle between 44-year-old Mayweather and Paul, who is 18 years younger than Mayweather and may gain 50 pounds on the night of the battle, has attracted great attention as a unique spectacle.

Paul vowed to destroy Mayweather’s legacy by scoring a big upset, even if the result of the battle will not change Mayweather’s 50-0 brilliant record as a professional player, this may also be true.Paul seeks to change the way people remember Mayweather as a fighter forever, this is just one of the storylines that are playing as the game continues. Hard Rock Stadium Showtime pay-per-view.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important storylines of Mayweather vs. Paul, including whether Paul has the opportunity to really use this opportunity to profit.

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Big “If?”

Obviously, there is no more controversial YouTuber’s idea of ​​defeating one of the greatest boxers in history that can trigger the story of this fight. Although the extraordinary personalities of these two men will attract attention, there may be more interesting aspects of the battle itself. This angle lies in the basic problem of the structure of the sport. If there is enough preparation time and financial resources, can a larger and more athletic young man defeat a great — but smaller — retired boxer?

On the surface, the answer is a simple “no”. But, as Paul has repeatedly said, there is a weight class in boxing for a reason. Paul is a strong man. Although he doesn’t look like a natural boxer like his brother Jack, he does seem to be fully committed to legal boxing training, even though coach Milton Lacroix claims that Paul’s jab may be better than the great one. Larry Holmes seems to be a huge extension. This of course makes it possible for the well-known “puncher’s chance” to hit a straight flush on the smaller 44-year-old Mayweather and make it really affect the fight.

Or maybe Mayweather just humiliated Paul in the opening.

Is Jack Paul Mayweather’s next?

Jack seems to be the better boxer among the Paul brothers, and Mayweather talked about defeating the two Pauls in 2021-even hinting that he would fight them on the same night.And now The infamous “grab the hat” moment, Jack stole the hat from Mayweather’s head and took a punch in the ensuing melee. If Mayweather defeats Logan-this is the most likely outcome of this battle-then there are several story lines that make the fight with Jack a truly important one in terms of interest.

Although Logan’s record is 0-1, he failed to beat YouTube star KSI in both amateur and professional debuts, and Jack defeated all three opponents 3-0, including his predecessor. NBA Point guard Nate Robinson and former mixed martial arts champion Ben Askern. Although the level of the game is not high, Jack has shown dedication to training, his skills and some good strengths have increased significantly.

If Mayweather wants to continue to make a lot of money by appearing in the circus, then his next battle seems to be locked.

Is this boxing now?

The Paul brothers’ boxing journey and fights like Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. have led to a narrative that boxing has become a sport that requires novel combat to thrive. Even Paul’s hole cards against Mayweather supported some of the predecessor’s claims. National Football League Star wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson made his boxing debut in an exhibition match.

Of course, this idea ignores that boxing will have some great fights on the schedule for the next few months. Last Saturday night, Devin Hani issued a statement in which he defeated Jorge Linares and Nonito Donell with an exciting victory, turning back the clock and defeating Noordin U. Bally, became the oldest and bantamweight world champion in the history of the sport. Prior to this, Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez fought fiercely for the undisputed 140-pound weight and many other recent great championships. The welterweight and lightweight teams are full of talents. Errol Spencer Jr. will play against Manny Pacquiao this summer, despite the heavyweight unity between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua The fight was postponed, but the “punishment” for boxing fans is likely to be Fury vs. Deontay Wilder 3 and Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk. Boxing fans have many reasons to be excited about the many things that have happened in this sport recently.

Boxing may never return to the heights of any one of the previous “golden ages”, but the sport is well done, and the novel fighting attracts great attention from a completely different audience.


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