Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul: Confrontation predictions, expert drafts, odds, start time, exhibition cards

The boxing world may not be ready for the incredible things on Sunday night, but it is important to remember that this is a possibility. That was the first five-tier champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather has returned to the game since December 2019, when he had a meeting with YouTuber and social media star Logan Paul at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Exhibition game. On the Showtime PPV on Sunday night, all four battle cards were invalidated.

This will be the second time Mayweather has participated in a similar exhibition game in the past few years. The top five champion defeated Taekwondo player Tenshin Nasugawa in Japan on New Year’s Eve 2019. The difference is that Nasugawa’s weight is usually around 125 pounds, which means that when the two wear gloves, Mayweather’s figure advantage is obvious.

On the other hand, Paul will appear in the ring for the third time in a formal way. The boss of the two brothers has competed twice with YouTube star KSI in recent years, one as an exhibition and the other as a professional. The exhibition ended with a majority tie, and KSI won the split decision in the quarter-finals.

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As far as Mayweather and his team are concerned, they didn’t even consider the possibility of “losing” the game, whether it was a suspension or eight rounds in the eyes of the public. Leonard Eleb, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, said the loss of Paul was “unthinkable.”

“Can you imagine if something went wrong with this incident? It would completely break the Internet, and Freud paid great attention to this,” Eleb said. “That’s why Logan Paul licked his ribs, because he is a bigger and stronger person. Although he does not have the special skills as a senior boxer, anything damn can happen. Freud is very careful. This. You have a weight rating for some reason.”

The rest of the card is as follows. Badou Jack will face Dervin Colina in the light heavyweight match of the United Main Event. After Jack’s intended opponent Pascal tested positive for four types of sterols in the pre-match screening, Corinna intervened in a short time. Also on this card is the former unified junior welterweight champion Jarret Hurd, as he is gaining weight to compete with Luis Arias in the 160-pound competition.Let’s start, before National Football League Wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson will make his debut in the four rounds against Brian Maxwell.

Whether you can place a bet or not, most listening fans will be interested in who won the battle in one or more ways. Therefore, our experts hindered how they perceive the following actions.

Battle card

  • Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul-signed performance (8 rounds)
  • Eight Dou Jack -2500 vs. Devin Colina +1200, light heavyweight (10 rounds)
  • Jarrett Hurd -900 vs. Luis Arias +600, junior middleweight (10 rounds)
  • Chad Johnson vs. Brian Maxwell, signed performance (4 rounds)

View information

  • date: June 6 | Starting time: 8pm Eastern Time (Main Card)
  • location: Hard Rock Stadium-Miami Gardens, Florida
  • TV: Showtime PPV on all traditional cable and satellite providers| live: Showtime.com Or Showtime app | price: 49.99 USD

Mayweather’s prediction of Paul

Brian Campbell: Paul’s physical advantage in entering the ring cannot be ignored. The former outstanding high school wrestler and football player is 18 years younger than Mayweather, 6 inches tall, and 4 inches long. He is expected to weigh 45 to 50 rounds. Mayweather has never played against anyone weighing more than 154 pounds, and Paul weighed 199.5 pounds in his professional debut. Expect those unprecedented obstacles to allow Mayweather to suspend at least one or two rounds when measuring the speed and timing of his young opponents. But once he is fully adapted, Mayweather should have zero problems—even when he retires at 44—and be able to land a clean, tough counterattack whenever he likes. The biggest question about Paul’s viability revolves around how accurate his untested jaw compares to the accuracy of a real professional. Paul is hungry and fearless, but compared with Mayweather, his basic understanding of the sport can only produce one result: the halfway knockout.

Brent Brook House: Give Paul another five years of vigorous boxing training, and Mayweather is close to 50 years old, and Mayweather will still be the favorite in the fight. Paul has no way to close the experience gap or reach Mayweather’s skill level. In other words, Paul’s size and strength advantages are very real, and Mayweather certainly knows this. Therefore, Mayweather may slow down in the first round, absorb information and formulate his attitude towards the remaining games. Although Paul’s coach brags that his jab matches Larry Holmes’ jab is obviously nonsense, but I have no doubt that they have done a lot of work on the jab, trying to keep Mayweather away from close range. And use all his technical advantages. It makes sense to choose Mayweather here, but his pride does have some influence. There will be no on-site judges and no winners will be announced, which means that if Mayweather wants to truly declare victory on the basis of “we have all seen”, he will have to knock Paul out. I believe he can and will do this around the 5th round, but must seize some opportunities to achieve this goal, which means exposing the 44-year-old jaw to a man 50 pounds heavier. Look for Mayweather’s knockout in a more compelling battle than many expected.

Brandon Sensible: Listen, I am totally in favor of conspiracy theories and the weird things that can happen in battle. Especially considering that battles can usually be changed with just one punch. But even with the size advantage, a green boxer like Paul does not need to compete with Mayweather. This may be a ridiculous 24-minute circus show, but anyone who has watched Mayweather in the past few years knows what the game plan is, especially against a fighter that weighs 35 pounds on the night of battle. Hold on, keep your distance, and then bring the matter to the final bell while collecting large amounts of cash.

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