Everything You Need to Know about Trampolines


For many years, recreational and sporting activities have been used to enhance social interaction as well as to help people lead healthy lifestyles. When it comes to acrobatic and gymnastic exercises, trampolines are increasingly becoming popular. Today, there are different types of trampolines from which you can choose. However, in order to make the most of the device, there are several things you need to know about trampolines.

How to pick the best trampoline

Even as you mull over whether or not to buy this device, it is important to know what to look for as you shop around. Below are a few tips to help you pick the best trampoline.

Safety – the best trampoline should not only be able to support the jumper’s weight but also include padding and a safety enclosure. This will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that jumpers will be safe from injuries at all times.

The size of your backyard – the size of your backyard will determine the size of trampoline you decide to buy. In this regard, the best trampoline should fit perfectly in your backyard while still offering your family enough room to engage in gymnastics.

Consider your needs – when it comes to your needs, picking the best trampoline will require that you are mindful of the weight limits, whether the device will be used by gymnasts as well as the number of people who will be using it at a time.

Durable springs and a quality frame – there is no doubt that a good trampoline should feature a frame and springs that promise both quality and durability. In the end, such a trampoline will offer you value for money.

Spare part availability – as much as warranties matter, it should be easy to access spare parts when springs break, padding deteriorates or mats become worn.

Trampoline shapes to choose from

When looking to buy a trampoline, you should be aware of the wide range of options available to you. When it comes to trampoline shapes, you can choose from the following:

Round – a round-shaped trampoline has its springs placed at equal intervals along the frame. This allows the device to offer you a consistent jump at all times.

Square – compared to round and oval trampolines, the square one offers more bouncing space. This is because the corners of the jumping mat are also part of the jumping space.

Oval – the oval shape has a longer jumping area from one side to the other when compared to round trampolines. This means that you are likely to enjoy a better jumping experience on an oval trampoline.

Rectangle – a rectangle trampoline offers more jumping space than any other shape. Owing to the great bounce of the trampolines, it is clear why many gymnasts prefer the rectangle shape to the others.


Different trampoline sizes

The size of your preferred trampoline is one of the important factors you have to consider when choosing a suitable device. This is because a suitably sized trampoline will fit perfectly in your backyard and offer you adequate jumping space. Some of the common trampoline sizes available in the market range from 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 feet in diameter. So, is a 12ft trampoline big enough? As a buyer, you can consult an expert to get that answer and buy the trampoline that will meet most of your needs.

What you can expect to pay for a trampoline

Apart from shape and size, the price of your trampoline of choice will determine whether you will make the purchase. While trampoline prices greatly depend on quality, style and size, a device in the range of 14 to 15 feet in diameter will set you back between $ 450 and $ 800. There are also higher-end trampoline models that are likely to cost up to $ 1500. However, even as you look for an affordable device, you should never compromise on quality and safety.

Benefits of trampolines

As a device that is used in gymnastic and acrobatics, trampolines are associated with several benefits.
• Trampoline exercises are a better way to burn off excess fats when compared to other exercises such as aerobics and jogging.
• Jumping on a trampoline is an affordable way to work our along with your kids while still easing pressure on your wallet.
• Trampoline exercises not only help to reduce stress levels but also to increase blood circulation and enhance lung capacity.
• Workouts on a trampoline are also known to help in strengthening joints and ligaments as well as to improve fitness by promoting stronger bones and muscles.
• Trampolining is not just a fun form of exercise but also a great way to get rid of toxins that accumulate in the body.
• With these benefits, jumping on a trampoline helps to improve flexibility and teach persistence in kids.

Accessories to consider

When you buy a trampoline, there are certain accessories you should include. These accessories will add to the convenience you enjoy as well as improve your safety as you use the device. A trampoline ladder, a surrounding mat, a spring cover and upper bounce ropes are some of the importance accessories you should ensure you have as you pay for your trampoline.

How to take care of your trampoline

If you are to get value for money, you must ensure that you take care of your trampoline. This will also promise safety and durability. It is important to ensure that your trampoline is clean at all times and that all broken parts are fixed or replaced. In addition, having the trampoline checked on a regular basis and winterizing the device will help to keep it in good shape. You may also want to consider investing in a cover as well as making sure that jumpers are within the recommended weight limits.

Regardless of the use to which you intend to put your trampoline, it is critical that you prioritize safety. One of the ways to avoid injuries is to ensure that only one person jumps at a time. You may also choose to have safety nets installed on the sides of the trampoline to help prevent injuries.

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