England needs “systematic change” to become a better test team-Giles

England director Ashley Giles said he believed he was responsible for Australia’s Ashes series defeat, but warned that getting rid of the current leadership without systematic changes is not a solution to red ball cricket. The solution to the problem.

England lost the first three games in the Ashes Series and was just proud of the remaining two tests in Sydney and Hobart. England’s cricket test has gone through a terrible 12 months. This is the first time that England have lost a series of four games in a year.

Giles told reporters at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Tuesday: “Now in this position, I absolutely feel the responsibility of losing this Ashes series.” “Of course, we all know that we can only apologize.

“I know there will be a lot of emotions and feel very angry about how we lost it, but we know this is not an easy place to reach. We can’t deceive ourselves. We have been here for 34 years and won once. We will review the tour , And will conduct a comprehensive review, and everything will be on the table.”

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Captain Joe Root and coach Chris Silverwood have been severely criticized. Since the England team lost the third Test in Melbourne with one game and 14 points, the pressure on the two has increased.

‘Push it down the road’

Giles said that a hasty change in the leadership of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) or the test team would not solve the problem.

“If this is a failure of the leadership, that’s good, I will accept it, and I am at ease with responsibility,” Giles said.

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“Unless we focus on more systemic changes, collective responsibilities and collective solutions, we can make any changes we want. You can change me, change the head coach, change the captain, but we are only training for failure The leader of the future. This is all we do. We just push it to the ground.”

He said that although England may beat a team ranked below it, it is important to focus on finding ways to win under the most difficult conditions. “The important thing is that we don’t try to cover up the cracks,” Giles added.

“We can easily travel to the West Indies and win, and then win this summer. I think we still need to really focus on finding a way to compete in Australia and India.”

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