DRS controversy: Hawkeye needs a response

Indians explode in a cauldron In an unforgettable display of tempers on Thursday. They were convinced that Dean Elgar was better than runner R. Ashwin.

They were pissed when ball tracking showed the opposite. Their behaviour is poor and not in line with representing their country at the highest level. However, judging by their remarks that they made sure to be selected by Stump Mic, it was clear that they had lost faith in the system.

It’s more dangerous than getting angry at the referee’s decision. In fact, the on-site referee Marais Erasmus had already given the answer, and he looked surprised after Elgar won the scrutiny.

Follow the live broadcast – SA v IND, Test 3, Day 4

Can DRS be manipulated? Obviously, this can be done.

An international referee once told me that although calibrated, the DRS is operated by a human and a lot depends on how he handles the software. But then, he offered no evidence to support his claims. These statements do not matter if there is no hard evidence.

Hawk-Eye, which owns the technology, must make a clear statement about DRS.

This will help clarify information about DRS and how it is used. When players themselves show a lack of confidence in the system, the system must respond.

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