Dean Elgar, South Africa’s past and present connections

Dean Elgar is the link between the South African team in the current transitional period and the powerful Protea team in the past.

When Elgar made his test debut in Perth against Australia in 2012, South Africa’s batting lineup included Graeme Smith, Hashem Amra, Jacques Callis, AB de Villiers and Faf du Plessis.

Interestingly, Elgar hit number 6, Smith and Alvero Peterson started.

Elgar scored a pair in his test debut, and Mitchell Johnson was fired in both games.

From there, he fought back and worked his way to become the brave captain he is today.


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Adversity always arouses his combative instinct. He comes from Welkom, an unremarkable mining town in the Free State. He was the captain of the country’s under-19 team before struggling with the domestic cricket team for seven years before earning the South African hat.

Elgar understands the value of Protea bottle caps.

Today, Elgar has 4,541 runs out of 71 tests at 40.25, often opening under severe suture conditions.

However, Elgar’s story is not one of the numbers. It’s about the heart and fighting, hitting the ball in pain, as if your life depends on the game.


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You watch the 34-year-old Elgar hit hit after hit on a malicious court of the Rangers, and you know that despite the young cricket player leaving the lucrative 2020 league’s longest format, the cricket test Still active.

Elgar is a fearless batsman, he can endure the impact of his body and the helmet grille, unwavering, taking responsibility, and shouldering one of South Africa’s greatest test victories, scoring an unbeaten 96 points. .

If you look at the history of cricket, you will find these bloody and visceral batsmen. Brian Cross of England is such a player.

Colin Cowdery was past his peak when he descended the mountain, facing a series of short bowling balls by Jeff Thomson and Dennis Lilly, his body received several blows.

Mohinder Amarnath from India is as brave as them. A reporter met Mohind, who was shirtless, after spending a day in Pakistan in the days of Imran Khan, and saw that his body was covered with red marks.

Elgar is more than just a brave hitter. He has always been an inspirational captain who can keep the team together.

As a batsman, he has his own way of playing. He seemed to be beaten, but cleverly retracted his bat at the last minute, another left-hander that Larry Gomez used to excel at.

You see the never-say-failed Elgar struggling at the crease, and you realize that the test cricket is still breathing.

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