David Maran said that “harmed” England did not give up the ashes


Dawid Malan said England did not give up on winning the Ashes, even though he admitted that he needed a greater performance in the third test in Melbourne from Sunday to return to the series.

After the disastrous defeats in Brisbane and Adelaide, the top batsman stated that after some honest discussions, morale in the English camp was “good”.

“After our performance in the last two games, the boys are getting injured,” he told reporters at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Thursday.

“We realized that we were not doing well in all aspects of the game. The boys wanted to win, and we wanted to win the series. I know we still have a long way to go, but we have to do well and play our part. The best cricket in a test game brings us back to the series.”

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Malan’s shot provided some rare highlights for the England team, playing 82 innings in Brisbane and 80 in Adelaide, but the 34-year-old admitted that even he had to do better.

“Myself and (Joe Root) have been able to score hundreds of points in two games, but have been unable to play. This may have cost us at least about a hundred times as a team, which brought us back to the game. ,” He said.

“It’s great to score 80 points, and it’s great to score 180 points. That’s the goal.”

With England’s opener Rory Burns and Haseeb Hameed struggling to run, people have been talking about bringing fresh blood into the top league, especially Zach. Crawley (Zak Crawley).

“Zach is a very talented player,” Malan said. “He is a tall man and plays very well in short shots, so he is likely to play well here.”

Ma Lan said that if asked, he would even consider increasing the order of opening the door.

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“I will play for England everywhere,” he said. “I don’t consider myself an opening remark, but if they want, I’m happy to do what is necessary.”

Maran said that England’s disruptive preparations put many inexperienced players in a nasty situation, and they had to learn from work how to play in Australian conditions.

“(But) everyone is facing the challenge and everyone is very eager to face the Australians,” he added.

“We did it in the white ball cricket game, we tried to accept them, so hopefully we can get this mentality, not just enter our shells and try to survive.”


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