David Benavides puts Canelo Alvarez in trouble with Caleb Plante, hoping to be the winner

If an interested audience enters Saturday’s super middleweight undisputed championship pairing Canelo Alvarez and Caleb factories in Las Vegas, Is the one who wants to receive a call to face the winner.

The previous two WBC super middleweight champion David Benavidez (24-0, 21 KOs) had not been stripped of the belt twice, he might participate in Showtime PPV this weekend (9pm EST) Any of the fighters in China saw himself in the past three years-once because he tested positive for cocaine, and the second time in August last year when he lost weight before defending his title against Roamer Alexis Angulo.

Benavides will return to the court on Showtime on November 13 against the late substitute Chiron Davis, who replaced former champion Jose Uzcategui after a failed drug test. One thing Benavides hopes is that if the favored Alvarez raises his hand, he will avoid going straight back to 175 pounds before considering a fight with Benavides.

“I think a lot of people are fighting for this battle,” Benavidz told the CBS Sports Channel on Tuesday. “I think I am the best 168-pound player besides Carneiro. That’s why many people don’t want to fight with me, because now there is a little reward, but the risk is high. Many people are avoiding me, especially It’s Carneiro.

“Obviously, I wouldn’t say that Carneiro is afraid of me because he doesn’t have much reward right now. I think people will eventually want to see that battle. I am the only fighter at 168 years old who can ask Carneiro for him. Fight for the money, I think I can beat him. I have been 168 years old for a long time and I should fight him.”

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If Benavides can beat Plante in the game against Alvarez, he will also be happy to be a hit in all four 168-pound titles. Both Benavides and his brother Jose have been recorded on video tapes many times. After the two exchanged words, they almost had an argument with Plante in public.

At a press conference on September 22 announcing the conflict this weekend, Benavides watched from home as Plante bumped Alvarez in the face during his gaze and engaged in a brief scuffle. Alvarez pushed Plante, avoided his answer with a slap, and then punched Plante at close range.

“To be honest, I think this is a weak move by Caleb Plant,” Benavidez said. “He did go in [Alvarez’s] Head, but I think Canelo won that battle. I feel like Caleb Plant. In his mind, he is already insane. Caleb pushed him, but I thought he looked like a fool. Not knowing that he could not take a slap, Canelo returned two shots, causing his eyes to swell. He opened his palm and cut the other eye.

“I’m still excited about this battle. I think both people have a lot of problems. I think the best of both people will come out. It will be a great battle. If Caleb Plant loses or he wins, In any case, I still like to fight with him, regardless of whether there is a bet. This is an interesting battle, still on the table, we must fight in the future.”

As for who won the battle, Benavides believes that Plante needs to achieve some important results to win Alvarez’s respect.

“He must stay on top of his jab and be very sharp. He must throw his combination and escape,” Benavides said. “[But] I think Caleb Plant must stick to its position. The only problem with Caleb Plant is that he is not strong enough. I don’t know if he has enough ability to keep Carneiro away from him. But obviously talented and wise, he became a champion for a reason.

“This will be a great battle, but once the battle begins, no one will run away. [It’s up to] if [Plant] Can bear it, and then come back and shoot. I think the only person who can be with Carneiro is the one who can really hurt him.you saw it [Gennadiy Golovkin] When he stood up and traded with him, I felt this was the last hard fight [Alvarez] There has been. Other fighters, such as Callum Smith or Billy Joe Sanders, just tried to run around the ring. You have to stand your ground, you need strength. ”

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