ZIM-A vs SA-A match predict who will win today’s third unofficial ODI match


The Zimbabwe A team will play against the South African A team at the 3rd South African ODI Harare Sports Club in 2021 on Wednesday, June 2, 0221. Read on to find out who predicts who will win the third unofficial ODI in the ZIM-A vs. SA-A competition today.

Zimbabwe Team A vs South Africa Team A:

This is the third unofficial ODI of Zimbabwe A against South Africa A

Zimbabwe A team:

South Africa Team A:

Andil Ferrukwayo, Dwayne Pretoria, Vihan Lube, Ryan Rickleton, Sinemba Geshler, Darling Dupavilon , Glenton Stuhlman, Junior Dara, Luto Sipamura, Senuran Mutusami, Sisanda Magala, Janniman Maran, Lisa Hendry X, Tony de Zelling

This is our ZIM-A and SA-A match prediction

The following is the case of who will win today’s third unofficial ODI, Zimbabwe A vs. South Africa A Today’s game prediction.

Case 1: If Zimbabwe first had bats

The first game score prediction: Zimbabwe A will score 245-255

Result prediction: South Africa A team won the game with 6 wickets

Case 2: If South Africa hit the bat first

The first game score prediction: South Africa A will score 335-345

Result prediction: South Africa A wins with more than 50 points

ZIM-A VS SA-A today’s game prediction


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