Zaheer Khan Applauds Rohit’s Instinctive Brilliance in Super Over Win


Team India played their last T20 series against Afghanistan before the T20 World Cup. In the whole series, Team India played well. But the third T20 match was exceptional. This was one of the most thrilling matches in recent days. To decide the result, the spectators arranged two super-overs. After that, India won the match. Captain Rohit Sharma has done amazing captaincy. His strategic moves were beneficial for the team. Ravi Bishnoi was one of the heroes of the match. After the win, former Indian bowler Zaheer Khan praised the captain and the bowler for their excellence on the field. 

The Thrilling Moment:

In the initial Super Over, Afghanistan set a target of 16 runs while Mukesh Kumar displayed a promising start with the ball. Nonetheless, a sudden surge of nine runs in the last two deliveries briefly shifted the momentum. Thanks to Rohit’s brilliance, India equalized, propelling the game into a thrilling second Super Over. However, in their turn to bat, the Men in Blue could only muster 11 runs.

In a surprising move, Indian captain Rohit Sharma entrusted Ravi Bishnoi with the ball for the Super Over. Unfazed by the pressure, the young spinner maintained his composure and made a significant impact by taking two wickets in just three deliveries. Bishnoi’s stellar performance was pivotal in securing victory for the hosts.

This intense showdown showcased the unpredictable nature of the game, with twists and turns adding to the excitement. Rohit Sharma’s strategic decisions, including the choice of Bishnoi for the crucial Super Over, proved instrumental in India’s triumphant outcome. The match, marked by tense moments and strategic brilliance, will undoubtedly be remembered as a testament to the thrilling nature of cricket.

Zaheer Khan’s Praise:

Former Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan praised Rohit Sharma for his bold choice in supporting Ravi Bishnoi during the second super over. Zaheer Khan highlighted that Rohit trusted his instincts, a move that proved crucial in the team’s victory. He said, “I believe it was a smart and brave decision because you don’t have that much time in these situations. You have to back your instincts and thinking. So whoever was part of that think-tank, you need to praise them for sure.”

Later added, “The second Super Over started very well, (India) started with a six. So it seemed like India would bat Afghanistan out, but that didn’t happen. They lost two wickets and didn’t even play the entire six balls. After that, you had to take a big decision, about who would bowl. So that decision was taken very well because batters generally score 12 runs easily as the bowler makes mistakes due to the pressure on him.”

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