Yorkshire, Yorkshire-complete toss

Today, Harry Turnbull commented on the terrible situation in Headingley. Please pay attention to what you said in the comments. tower.

As a Lancaster, you would not expect me to cry at me because of events in the wasteland…

Ever since I heard Tektronix veterans call Prince Ashwell fkn kolpak, there has been an unpleasant taste in my pie hole. It is said that with such evil malice, you can’t help wondering what other evil thoughts are hidden and not said.

Since Satan’s own county was forced to abandon discriminatory birthplace rules, some Yorkist dinosaurs have had collective bargaining chips on their shoulders.

I played cricket with people from different backgrounds. Even in the 1980s, the idea of ​​calling someone a P was unimaginable.

There is no doubt that more things will happen, and now it is time to make these sewage public for public inspection.

Now I don’t just dance happily on the graves in Yorkshire. The problem is not limited to that county. Administrators, executives, and players should all be censored.

The problem with many organizations is that they include oral service in their jargon, high-profile mission statement.

Lancashire is a typical example. The work of formulating a diversity and inclusion policy is hard. Although board members are now more diverse, it often seems to be an exercise in ticking a box, rather than a heartfelt change of the entire organization.

These clubs and the European Central Bank are still largely the domain of a certain social class.

And it’s hard to figure out why. Lancashire, like Yorkshire, has many Asian communities that love cricket. Why not make more use of this? Of course, we have Mahmood and the nearest Haseeb Hameed, but it barely touches the surface.

I think the elite player approach and the policy that mainly supports middle-class cricket clubs is missing a lot of talent.

More racially diverse faculty will contribute to the development of cricket in inner city state schools.

However, I still hope that the Yorkies can get the biggest blow since the Battle of Bosworth!

Harry Teborn

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