Yashasvi Jaiswal opens up on Dream Double Hundred


Following India’s dominant 106-run victory over England in the second Test, young opener Yashasvi Jaiswal, who stole the show with a career-defining double hundred, opened up about his experience in a candid interview. Reflecting on his mindset while batting, Jaiswal revealed a measured approach, prioritizing understanding the wicket and his role within the team.

“Wasn’t overthinking,” Jaiswal revealed, discussing his batting approach. “Seeing the wicket, my first thought was understanding its behaviour. Rohit and I discussed as I faced Anderson’s first over. Slowly, I grasped the wicket’s mood and areas to score.”

He acknowledged the challenge of facing James Anderson for the first time but emphasized adapting to the conditions and finding scoring opportunities. Facing the legendary James Anderson for the first time, Jaiswal maintained composure. “It’s crucial to adapt to the conditions and find scoring opportunities,” he emphasized.

The Double Century Secret 

Speaking about his approach towards achieving the coveted double century, Jaiswal highlighted the importance of routine and discipline. He emphasized focusing on daily routines, including sleep, diet, and practice, believing this consistency translates into on-field performance. He mentioned his past experience falling short of a double hundred and his renewed focus on the process rather than the outcome.

Reflecting on his near miss in the past, Jaiswal shared, “The last time I scored 171, I wanted the double hundred, but it didn’t happen. Now, I focus on my daily routine, knowing the runs will come. The process is key – sleep, diet, practice. Maintain all this well, and performance follows.”

Sachin’s Praise and Jaiswal’s Humility:

The young prodigy expressed his admiration for his idol, Sachin Tendulkar, who congratulated him on the feat. He revealed their conversation revolved around the importance of hard work and maintaining consistency at this crucial stage in his career.

“Spoke with Sachin sir,” Jaiswal beamed. “He congratulated me and advised continued hard work, as this is a crucial time. Consistency matters most. He’ll always be my idol.” 

Balancing Enjoyment and Responsibility

Despite his busy schedule, Jaiswal admitted to having limited time for social media, prioritizing rest and recovery. He described the first three days after the match as a surreal experience, filled with sleep, practice, and enjoying the moment. However, he emphasised his responsibility towards the team, taking ownership of the situation when wickets fell early and playing a long innings.

Despite his packed schedule, Jaiswal prioritizes rest. “No time for Instagram scrolling,” he admitted. “We practice and play in the mornings, return by evening, and sleep for recovery. The first three days were just sleep, wake up, and work. It’s a great feeling, achieving this.”

Fielding Focus and Team Belief

Recognizing the significance of fielding across formats, Jaiswal mentioned his dedicated practice routines to improve his catching and overall contribution. He highlighted the team’s collective belief and support, where individual performances contribute to a shared goal. He reiterated the importance of batsmen capitalizing on their form and finishing the job for the team.

“I have a fielding process,” Jaiswal declared. “It’s crucial across formats. You saw today’s diverse catching drills. I’m working hard to contribute with my fielding.”

Teamwork is paramount for Jaiswal. “From discussions with Rohit, Rahul sir, and Vikram sir, the message was clear: any batsman getting set should bat till the end. That was my attempt too. We believe in each other and work hard together. Whoever’s on form that day should finish the job for the team.”

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