WPL Scheduled to Take Place in New Delhi and Bengaluru


The much-anticipated Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 is expected to kick off on March 22, following a home and away format for the matches. Despite the general elections, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is determined to host the entire tournament in the subcontinent by carefully managing the schedules of the venues.

In a departure from previous years, where the IPL had to be shifted abroad during election periods, the BCCI is working closely with the central and state government bodies to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted tournament. Security arrangements are a major consideration, and the BCCI is committed to ensuring that matches do not coincide with election dates in the respective cities.

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah is spearheading the efforts to coordinate with government authorities and finalize the arrangements for IPL 2024. His proactive approach is aimed at ensuring that the tournament proceeds seamlessly, maintaining the high standards associated with the IPL.

In another development, the Women’s Premier League (WPL) is set to enter its second edition, with matches scheduled to be played in New Delhi and Bengaluru. This move is part of BCCI’s strategy to expand the reach of women’s cricket by taking the tournament to different cities.

The inaugural edition of WPL was held in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai in March 2023. However, for the upcoming edition, BCCI has decided to rotate the hosting cities, with New Delhi and Bengaluru being the chosen venues. This move is expected to not only diversify the geographic footprint of the tournament but also attract a wider audience.

The BCCI’s decision to schedule the WPL around the last week of February aims to ensure that the tournament concludes before the commencement of IPL 2024. This strategic planning will allow both events to unfold without any overlap, maximizing their individual impact and viewership.

Importantly, the scheduling of WPL has been carefully planned to avoid any clash with the general elections, which are expected to take place between late March and May. This meticulous approach reflects the BCCI’s commitment to providing a conducive environment for cricket while respecting the electoral process.

As the BCCI works on finalizing the schedules for both IPL 2024 and WPL, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the official announcements. The successful execution of these tournaments will not only showcase the best of cricketing talent but also demonstrate the BCCI’s ability to navigate complex logistical challenges.

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