With the current structure, it is difficult to maintain motivation and find spiritual space: Virat Kohli


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Posted on: 2021-06-02

Indian captain Virat Kohli admitted on Wednesday that in the current COVID-19 situation, the mental health of the players must be taken care of. In this case, the players are often surrounded by bio-bubbles. India has a tight schedule. After the Ageas Bowl World Test Championship (WTC) final against New Zealand in Southampton, India will play five tests against England starting in August. On the other hand, the limited edition team will participate in three ODIs and three T20Is in Sri Lanka in July.

Before the Indian team went to England, Kohli said that the management could accept players who asked for a break because they felt uncomfortable. The Indian captain said: “With the current structure and our internal competition structure, it is difficult to maintain motivation and find spiritual space. It is confined to an area, doing things day by day and dealing with stressful situations. This is definitely It will become the norm in the future. In addition to the workload, the mental aspect will also be very important.”

“Because in this day and age, you have no exit at all. You are actually on the ground and then go back to your room. You have no space to disconnect from the game and go out for a walk. This is an important factor that cannot be ignored. We created this How much effort the team put in, you don’t want players to collapse because they don’t have that ability. You have to keep the channels open, we have done it, if they feel uncomfortable, players can say they need to take a break,” he further added .

After the World Trade Center finals, the long break of the Indian team was questioned. Although the World Trade Center final will end on June 22, the first test against England will begin on August 4. However, Kohli believes that this gap may actually be beneficial to India.

“I think after you finish the WTC, I think this is a good opportunity to refresh and reorganize. Hopefully, if everything goes well, just to get people back to normal and disconnect again to understand that we are under pressure for the five-game series. Just like As in Australia, if we have to compete in the bubble for so long, it will be very difficult,” Corley said.

“In fact, we are free to go out and visit things there, which gives us room to refresh and reset. I think it’s absolutely fine. It will give us time to refresh and prepare for the long series. Before a lengthy series, this setting is important. England’s challenge can be daunting, so we hope to have time before the series,” he further added.

After arriving in the UK on June 3, the Indian team will head to the on-site hotel at the Hampshire Bowl in Southampton, where they will be arranged for isolation and must continue to be tested for COVID-19.

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