With England losing in the second test, Joe Root had a painful day


The England team lost the final delivery of captain Joe Root on the fourth day of the second Ashes Test. This heavy blow put Ben Stokes in charge of the mountain rescue work in Adelaide.

During the pre-match warm-up, he was hit in the groin area without box protection, and then clicked again in the soft area at 85 mph, which made him unable to extricate himself at the end of the final quarter. Painful for a few minutes for a moment.

However, after he bravely restarted the fight, the long-lasting blow took a hit, and after only four deliveries before the end of the game, he scratched Mitch Starc outside the stump. His physical discomfort will be relieved in time, but if England’s Ashes trail 2-0 by three points, they may not.

They will enter the final day with 82 points, and the 468 points victory goal is not a factor, because they want to play three complete games against opponents who are often ruthless on the ball.

Stokes showed the right bloody intentions with a 40-goal undefeated three-pointer. He doesn’t know how to give up a failed career, but if he wants, he will need Ollie Pope and Jos Butler and others. Strong support is close to it.

Australia has spent most of the day/night time in Adelaide and now needs another six wickets to end a deserved victory.

The trip to England has suffered several obvious setbacks, but a new layer of insults appeared at the beginning of Sunday, with news that Root will not be able to lead the team out due to a blow under the belt.

When an embarrassing bounce made him need to go to the hospital preventively, he kept falling from the spinning coach Jitan Patel without a piece of key equipment.

Stokes acted in the afternoon and Australia led 282 to 45 at the start. Despite the overbearing situation of the game, the England team played 10 games with three wickets.

James Anderson did a short job on Michael Neser, the Night Watcher, Stuart Broad surpassed Marcus Harris, who was in poor condition, Ollie · Ollie Robinson asked Steve Smith to use a weightlifter to clamp it into his chest.

But for Butler, behind the stump was another roller coaster, two one-handed catches to repel Harris and Smith, but only if he lost the Australian captain’s first ball for the third time in the game.

Broad is an unfortunate bowler, and he can also think that he regretted not removing Smith’s second ball because he got the wrong ending in a very tight lbw decision. On two occasions he began to celebrate with his arms outstretched, only because Butler’s craftsmanship and referee Rod Tucker denied him.

Since then, Marnus Labuschagne and Travis Head have supported the ship with an aggressiveness of 89. Both of them achieved matching 51s during the period when they saw Stokes and Chris Woakes leaking. Then Robinson unexpectedly came out as the spinner.

Seeing the 6-foot-6-inch sealer rolling over three harmless spinners, a frustrating visit to South Australia entered a fresh and slightly bizarre field, and did not have any impact on the Ashes brand.

In the absence of Jack Ritchie, England tends to spin occasionally, and four of the last five wickets split between Rutter and David Maran.

Malan has participated in first-class cricket matches before, but he rejected the image of the elegant Labuschagne with a rough and prepared leg spin. Thanks to the excellent Stokes catch, he will become a Puzzle.

The statement left the England team with eight shots before the coffee break, but Jhye Richardson only needed two shots to find a ball with the name Haseeb Hameed, kick a ball outside the stump and take off the glove. He left the six-goal duck, and the first stand of the England Tour is now zero, 23, 7 and 4.

Rory Burns was beaten several times by his nemesis Stark, but saved 19 goals in the opening spell on his left arm. Considering the recent history of the two, this is a watershed.

After the intermission, Nathan Lyon held the game and turned to leave while testing the courage of Burns and Maran, but the duo made 115 deliveries before the latter gave way to 20 And 44 base runs.

After Smith’s unusual concealed ball, Maran was shocked by Nessel’s sliding speed and brought Rutte to the middle in tricky twilight conditions. His technique is reliable enough to allow him to survive the notoriously heavy period, but before Richardson builds up pressure and seizes the edge, Burns scrapped with 34 of 95 goals.

Root and Stokes seemed to have broken down on the fifth day, but when Starc knocked the captain to the ground with a terrible impact, seeing him leave for five minutes before being cautiously guarded, the mood was broken. He drove bravely several times, but as time passed, he followed closely behind, making the scarred day more painful.


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