What are the qualification scenarios for each team after the clash between PBKS vs DC


The 2023 IPL has been enthralling to say the least. We are in the last week of the IPL yet only one team Gujarat has qualified for the playoffs. With only 6 group stage matches remaining, all other teams except the SRH and DC have the chance of qualifying for the playoffs. Let us see how each team still has the chance to qualify for the playoffs.

Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians faced a slight setback with their defeat against Lucknow, but Punjab Kings’ loss to Delhi Capitals has improved their chances significantly. However, there is still a scenario where Mumbai could be eliminated even if they win their last game. If both CSK and LSG win their respective final league games and RCB wins both of theirs, Mumbai is highly likely to fall behind RCB in terms of NRR, even if they defeat Sunrisers Hyderabad in their remaining match.

To surpass RCB’s NRR, Mumbai would need to beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by around 80 runs if RCB’s combined winning margin in their last two matches is just 10 runs. The best-case scenario for Mumbai is to beat Sunrisers Hyderabad and reach 16 points s, while hoping that no more than two out of CSK, LSG, and RCB win all their remaining games. If Mumbai loses to Sunrisers Hyderabad and stays at 14 points, they would need RCB to lose at least one match by a significant margin to decrease their NRR below Mumbai’s.

Remaining fixtures:

  • Mumbai Indians vs Sunrisers Hyderabad in Mumbai on May 21.


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