Watch: WNCL’s bowling team and referees did not notice the batter hitting the ball, leaving commentators confused


A very strange thing happened in the National Women’s Cricket League. The batsman was knocked down, but no one realized that the bail had gone out of the ticket gate. The incident occurred in the Queensland Women’s and Tasmanian Women’s game. The latter ended with five wickets, but the incident that caught everyone’s attention occurred in the first game.

The opening game Georgia Redmayne (Georgia Redmayne) has not been alive for half a century, but is mesmerized by the beautiful seam delivery that stretches inward and caught her off guard. She hit the wrong line and the ball managed to clamp the top of the bail. The batter was stunned, but held on, there was more.

The interesting part is that the goalkeeper stands in front of the batter as a medium infantry. Pastor Rachel Discovery was also surprised by the quality of the delivery, and immediately passed the ball to her finger after holding the bail. Her attention turned to the sideways deflection of the ball, and no one but the batter noticed that the bail was closed.

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Redmayne managed to escape in the funniest way, and the incident only came to light after the camera crew showed the replay. How the batter jumps through everyone’s eyes is really interesting.

This is a video of the batsman. Although her bail was cancelled, it still did not attract everyone’s attention.

It turned out that this game was a fairly close game, but Tasmania managed to make the game easier. This may be a compensation for not getting Redmayne’s wicket when possible.

Queensland scored 233 points on the first batting. Redmayne and Grace Harris scored with key batting. Nicola Carey scored 100 points for the Tasmania team, although he lost the wicket very early, which made things easier. Heather Graham and Carey added 111 runs to the third wicket, which closed a deal for the chaser.


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