Watch: The replay shows the third referee making Virat Kohli’s controversial LBW penalty error

Virat Kohli was treated roughly in the first game of the second test in Mumbai new Zealand, Was given LBW by the third referee in a controversial way.

The incident occurred in the last match of the 30th inning of the Indian round. New Zealand left arm spinner Ajaz Patel got a ball after the pitch, straightened the ball into Kolly, and called for LBW because the great batsman put the bat and the mat on the front foot and put the bat Put aside the cushion.

The referee Anil Chaudhary raised his finger, believing that the ball hit the mat before it made contact with the bat. But this was the dramatic start, as the replay showed that the ball hit the inner edge before the front pad.

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Virat Kohli left in Wankhede in a controversial manner.

Why did the third referee declare Virat Kohli out?

This is because, according to him, the evidence provided by the playback and technology is not sufficient to arrive at a clear answer whether the ball hit the bat first. Since Virat Kohli made a mistake by crossing the angle of the ball, placing his bat sideways and opening his face, the third referee Virender Sharma became more difficult.

However, a closer examination proved that Chowdhury and Sharma were both wrong, as the ball was seen drawing a path directly to the inner edge without any initial contact with the mat.

Since Virat Kohli was still required to travel long distances without opening his account, fans expressed their anger on social media and gave the two referees a real insistence, especially Sharma. He could not find conclusive evidence. , When there may be one available.

Here is their response:

Kohli’s untimely dismissal meant India went from 80-0 to 80/3 in a small collapse, and saw Shubman Gill and Cheteshwar Pujara in the opener being knocked back by Ajaz’s left-arm spinning bowling ball.

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