Watch: The Greatest Elimination Game in Ashes History…A player who didn’t even make it to XI


The 21st century, or the entire history, has many ashes moments that are worth remembering and cherishing for a long time. But compared to the real drama and excitement involved in Gary Pratt’s exhaustion, this is not much, which directly hit the disdain of Australia captain Ricky Ponting Gu. The most surprising part of the whole story is that Pratt didn’t even participate in the XI of that game.

Back in time to 2005, the main rivals faced each other on the Trent Bridge. Damien Martin Despite the England team leading the game by a large margin, Ricky Ponting is preparing to take over the game. This was when Simon Jones was resting (and eventually sent to the hospital) and Gary Pratt came in as a backup outfielder.

Martin ran quickly after hitting the ball to the screen, only to see Pratt run to the ball quickly and hit the stump with an excellent direct shot. He managed to anger the Australian captain. He was angry at the fact that British fast bowlers often left the court and was found yelling at British coach Duncan Fletcher.

For more than a year, all of this has been a brilliant strategy. England’s defensive coach Trevor Penny decided to give fast bowlers some regular breaks between pitches and prepare people like Pratt to influence the game as a substitute, despite the fact that It is difficult to do this in this game.

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Ten years later, in an interview with Palatinate, Pratt said that he was extremely proud to be associated with that memory in British history. “This is something that no one can take away from me,” he said. “This may be something people always think of me. In the biggest game in England history, you will get a chance. Thankfully, I picked it up and threw it out neatly. The ball hit the stump. .”

This is the depletion of Gary Pratt, voted the largest depletion in the history of the ashes


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