Watch: Steve Smith evokes the inner MJ with an epic pace as he hits the ball


In addition to running, Steve Smith is also known for his unorthodox hitting style and his antics at the crease.Looking great Australia The batsman starting his career is an excellent entertainment for the fans.

Smith’s amazing ability to score on both sides of the wicket may make the opponent’s offense tense. But it must also be because of his unique way of leaving the ball or calling a stop to run.

Steve Smith has a funny way. He asks his batting partner to avoid running. He walks a few steps outside his crease and lifts a funny arc with his bat. His voice is loud. “Woohoo!!!”.

Steve Smith is one of Australia’s greatest hitters ever.

A fan found similarities with MJ in Steve Smith’s Adelaide antics

For one such example on Friday (December 17), Steve Smith asked his batting partner Manus Labuchagne Because the ball of England ace James Anderson was too big for him, he insisted on his ground.

When Smith tried to cut in, Anderson’s ball jumped onto him, squeezing him into space, leaving the batter no room for a single shot. Realizing this, the batsman told Labuchagne not to run in his own interesting way.

But as always, fans on social media did not seize the opportunity to make another meme and funny video about Smith’s antics, one of which is interesting to find Smith’s similarities “Woohoo!!” A famous dance step with popular legend Michael Jackson. The tweets posted by this account followed MJ’s famous “dangerous” tune.

The D/N test in Adelaide was special for Steve Smith because it saw him return to work as the test captain in Australia. This was a controversial ball tampering incident in South Africa that caused Smith to be suspended. Nearly three years later, he was excluded from the two-year period.

But recently, with Pat Cummins being promoted to Australia’s full-time captain, Smith was also appointed as the deputy captain of the test team. Due to the Covid-19 agreement of the series, Cummins was forced to miss the second Ashes Test, and Smith had the opportunity to lead his country against England again.


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