Watch: Pakistan’s 6’8″ junior walker Mohammad Zeeshan will add luster to the U19 World Cup

From Pakistan’s original but talented walker’s never-dying factory, Mohammad Zeeshan will be in the upcoming U-19 World Cup In the Caribbean. Zeeshan is 6 feet 8 inches tall, and his arm release is very high to match his amazing speed in the air and on the deck.

His height combined with his speed helped Zeshan get a steep rebound from the ground. The pacemaker has always made the life of a hitter of his age extremely difficult, and Pakistan’s national selectors believe he needs to beware.

Pakistan-based Saj Sadiq released a complete video clip of Mohammad Zeeshan on Monday (January 3). In the recently concluded U-19 Asian Cup in the Middle East, pacemakers can be seen playing with U-19 hitters in the UAE. Contest.

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Mohammad Zeeshan comes from a village near Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Mohammad Zeeshan, Pakistan’s latest youth rhythm

The clip of Mohammad Zeeshan furious with the unfortunate U-19 hitter of the UAE went viral on Twitter, and fans praised the 19-year-old young man for his ability to create such amazing speed and jumping ability.

On December 27th, Zeeshan made his first U-19 debut for the Pakistan team in the Youth Asian Cup Group A match held at the ICC Academy Stadium. The team won two key wickets in 21 victories.

Although only 219/8 was released in the first half, Zeeshan helped Pakistan U-19 to stop UAE U-19. However, for those who have seen young people running fast in these nine games, what is striking is not the wickets but the original talents.

Pakistan hopes that Mohamed Zeshan will host a wonderful U-19 World Cup in the Caribbean and become one of the players who can quickly transition to the senior level in the country. His outstanding performance will give him the opportunity to represent his country in international cricket matches. .

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In the long-awaited match, Pakistan is in Group C with Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Papua New Guinea. They will play their first match against Papua New Guinea on January 15th, and then on January 20th against Afghanistan U-19 and Zimbabwe on January 22nd. The top two in their group will allow the team to enter the knockout stage.

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